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Detox Diets And Their Effects

The brands producing detox products for dieting guarantee wonders for weight loss, as much as one stone in less than two weeks. These detox diets also promise renewed skin, the end of cellulite, and a healthier body in general.

Are these detox diets really effective?

They work on the basis that our body accumulates a large number of toxins during the day, with the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, an unhealthy diet pattern, pollution and pesticides, these factors all contribute in poisoning our system.

Once these toxins have accumulated in our body, health problems may start to arise, amongst these are fatigue, generalised pains, headaches, a weakened immune system as well as weight gain.

Detox diets aim to remove all these damaging toxins that poison our systems in order for the body to recover a healthier condition.

There are many kinds of detox diets. Some are very extreme such as fasting, bowel enemas, and colonic irrigation, others are more pleasant and relaxing, these involve treatments such as body brushing and saunas.

There are also other supplements to be taken, including herbal remedies and special detox drinks and tonics.

Detox diets also suggest you keep to a specific kind of diet, which will include herbal teas, plenty of water, vegetables and fruit, grains, nuts, and beans.

On the other hand, they warn against all kinds of dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, salt, sugar, alcohol, and caffeine as well as all kinds of processed food.

It is true that detox diets do help you lose weight, specifically due to the fact that there is an extremely low-calorie content, for dairy products are excluded from the detox diet, as well as other food categories, which are high in fats and carbohydrates such as meat, sugar and wheat products.

The more you cut down on the calories the more weight you will lose, it just depends on how strict your diet is and how much you are able to give up amongst your favorite food types.

The advantage of detox diets is that following this sort of regimen you will be increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruit as well as drinking more water and eliminating unhealthy food, caffeine, and alcohol, this healthier diet will no doubt give positive results to your general health.

On the other hand, these detox diets are very poor in nutrients, which can eventually lead to a weaker immune system and your body may lack some of the essential nutrients it needs to build up muscle tissue and cell renewal.

With these methods of dieting, most of the weight you lose is water and some fat due to the strict regimen, but it is very easily put back on once you go back to your usual habits.

There are other side effects to detox diets, such as headaches, nausea, and a sense of fatigue; this is because your body is not receiving enough food to be able to function properly.

These very strict diets may also lead you to yearn for a fattening food type you really like until you finally give in to the temptation, thus achieving quite the opposite effect they were meant for.

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