Do You Have A Fat Pet?

Do You Have A Fat Pet?
Do You Have A Fat Pet?

People aren’t the only ones who have a problem with weight control. Many of our pets, almost 25 per cent, are overweight, with many of these medically considered as obese.

Why is this happening? Are our pets also becoming victims of the electronic age?

As we become more prone to using short-cuts in every day life; remote controls, microwaves, dishwashers, etc … one would assume that we would have more time for the simple pleasures in life, such as – walking the dog. But no, that does not appear to be the case.

Even though we are managing to do these tasks in a much quicker time frame, we are just as quickly finding new things to fill the extra time.

Yes, the advances in technology have provided faster ways of doing things but technology has also created many more things to do.

We now spend a lot of time indoors, especially in front of a monitor; whether it be a computer monitor or a television monitor, many hours are spent staring at a screen.

We seem to no longer find enjoyment in many aspects of our lives as we are always reaching for that higher level; for more money, for a better job, for a more prestigious lifestyle.

And in the process we have also spent less time with our pets, which has resulted in this increase in pet obesity.

As many people down-size their homes by moving closer to city areas, mostly into townhouses and apartments, they leave less room in the new backyard for their pets, if they even have a backyard at all.

Being overweight can drastically decrease the life span of your pet, making your overweight pet into a very unhealthy pet, and ultimately an unhappy one as well.

Obesity can lead to many different diseases, including; diabetes, arthritis, heart complications, endocrinal diseases and bad joints.

As we feed our pets more convenient, over-processed pet foods and spend less time with them exercising, we actually put their lives at risk, without even realizing it.

Some pet owners may even over-feed their pets to try to compensate for their lack of involvement in their pet’s lives.

Take your pet to your local veterinarian if you suspect that it may be overweight. They will be able to tell you if your pet is not getting enough exercise or is being feed the wrong type or amount of food.

Lastly, take some time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your pet, it will love you for it. Remember, a pet is a friend for life, so look after it.