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Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Successful Businessman?

Human beings dream, but many of us do not take any action to achieve those dreams.

They’d like to have changes in their lives but are simply too lazy to get up and start bringing about those changes; in turn, they prefer to live with those problems and difficulties.

The same thing applies to entrepreneurs; how come some entrepreneurs are more successful than some people?

It is because they are creative and have the will to perform, sometimes even more than an ordinary non-specialist, hence they are successful.

Desire, the secret behind achieving anything, is the “starting point of all achievement” according to Napoleon Hill, as stated in Think & Grow Rich.

Desire is quite different from a wish, the former means that you find a way to actualize things so as achive your plans; be it a promotion, income or a different lifestyle.

Because the entrepreneurs are driven, passionate people, they are often termed as crazy people. 

Here are some ideas or principles featured in Think & Grow Rich, although they are focused on income, they can be used in all aspects of life:

  1. Clarity of your wants! And be PRECISE!

If you want a ride, you should be specific to know the car model or color that you wish to EXACTLY!

If its money, then knows how much you want EXACTLY! Success comes to those who are not vague about what they want!

When you know what you want in a business, it will be easier to have some set goals to achieve it, than when you do not have.

For example, if you are a fashion designer and in the next five years, you want to have your brand.

That will make you work towards your “want”, as you now have a reason to strive for the best.

  1. You win some, and you lose some!

You cannot have all that you want; you have to lose something to gain something.

Businesses have some challenges and risks which you have to take in order to succed. Business people are risk-takers, so to say.

However, to be more successful, you have to evaluate some risks and make sure it’s worth taking.

Losing in any way, including risk is one of the business threats. Yet, that is one way a business can present itself with a more significant opportunity to succeed.

Also, learn to recognize and manage some risks that aren’t worth it.

Determine to what extent you are willing to sacrifice for the things you desire. Successful people often are more inclined to do in comparison to others.

  1. Meet deadlines

Meeting deadlines are crucial for every business. But one may wonder how it affects success.

In business, your services are what your customers use to measure your performance. That is if you are reliable or not.

When you meet a business deadline, it goes a long way to prevent some unnecessary problems for the other person. And that can lead to the cutting of business ties with you.

Therefore, take all business and even personal deadlines seriously. So, instil a sense of urgency into your work.

Be organized; it saves a lot of time and effort! Select a definite date when you can accomplish what you want.

  1. No procrastination

Procrastination and success are rivals. You can’t be successful by procrastinating either should you procrastinate if you want to be successful.

It causes a delay in business schedules, not meeting deadlines, missing important timings to achieve the best and so on.

Determine the needful you should do to accomplish your goals and begin at once, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

A 1000 miles journey begins with a step, so take that step today! So what if you have a long way to go. Just remain focused, and you will reach your goals!

Jot down a statement containing what you want EXACTLY. When you intend to have it, what you are willing to put into to accomplish it, and your exact plans.

  1. Trust your instinct

Trust is very crucial in a business. You do not have to expect others to trust you when you don’t even trust yourself.

Believing in yourself gives you confidence and as well as build your esteem. Not only that, but it will also make you put your faith in your decisions.

You will also have the courage to face challenges because you believe you can overcome them. In a business, believing in yourself is like the pillar that holds it.

Once you start doubting your efforts, inputs, and everything, the pillar starts becoming weak till it collapses.

Therefore one of the ways to a successful business is first to trust yourself.

  1. Employ like-minded people

Except for sole proprietorship, every other kind of business needs partners or workers.

You definitely can’t do it all alone, being the manager, the HR, the accountants and so on, employing workers is what makes the business more manageable.

But the kind of workers will determine your rate of success. That is because the success of your business doesn’t rely on you only; it’s now a collective effort.

As a result of that, you should ensure that your partners or workers will make a great team. A team dedicated to their work, willing to support you and aim for productivity.

When you have people like and more, then you are more likely to succeed in your business endeavors.

  1. Understand your customer and their criticism

The major concern in every business is the people who patronize it. Without customers, you are valueless with your venture.

An increase is brand awareness is due to your customers, high sales and return on investment are your customers, etc.

If they do not comply in the first place, all your efforts will be zero. That is why you have to understand them, to be able to solve their problems.

Losing a customer is more straightforward than getting them, and no business will succeed, losing one continually.

Know that in everything that you do, that you are bound to get both compliments and criticism.

Their criticism makes you better, you learn from it so that you will offer the best, so if they lay a complaint, understand that and address it appropriately.

  1. Have a to-do-list

You should work as par with the daily plan. That will help to make sure you do the things you supposed to and at the right time.

In order not to forget, have a daily or weekly to-do-list. Write out the things you have to achieve for that day and according to your propriety.

You can do that on your phone, and there are apps to do so. But writing it down on a paper or jotter will make it easier to see and remember.

Probably before you sleep, read whatever you’ve written at the start of the day.

Know if you accomplished them all, some or none. The result you get will show the effort you are making to become better.

Sounds silly?

It is these small stupid things that work! It will instil all your goals in your subconscious mind and make sure they stay there!

Successful people in business do not just fold their hands and climb the ladder of success; they work towards it. Success won’t come to you if you do nothing; your efforts are what lead you to it.

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