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Enjoy A Jeep Trail Tour This Summer

This summer, go off the beaten track. Leave your city-savvy car back home and go for a jeep tour. Jeeps can do wonders.

More comfortable off the road than on it, a jeep can take you to all the wonderful places where your car would probably stall and leave you in a mess.

A jeep can face all kinds of terrain, ford water and drive over muddy slopes. Its ground clearance is much above that of the regular car. The four-wheel drive of jeeps makes it possible for it to handle the dirtiest trails with relative ease.

You will find a number of interesting jeep trail tour offers from around the world. Be sure to choose the most exotic of them, since you aren’t going to get this kind of opportunity every time you have a vacation!

One of the best jeep trails you can hit this summer is the Durango, Colorado tour. You will see deserted mining towns, steep peaks, rivers and all from the relative comfort of your all-terrain 4×4 vehicle.

If you have already been to Colorado, you can choose the Canyonlands National Park in Utah, thirty miles from Moab. You can see the maze there, an incredible sandstone creation, perfect in its aesthetic appeal.

Or you can take the eco-tourism jeep trails of tropical Granada, lush with rain forests. And deep inside the island, when you are convinced that you have reached the end of the civilized world and are feeling famished for food; you encounter a wonderful restaurant with every amenity you can think of in such a secluded place. The food is delicious, cuisine Grenadine.

Back home, there is always the option of visiting the California wine country. There are surprisingly neat trails on the offer to get explored.

Move through wine country, see hundred-year-old wineries, taste grapes handpicked and fresh, and sip wine in the wonderful wine country of California.

You will also get to learn the details of winemaking. And the settings are idyllic colonial nearly. The charm is the old world.

That is, of course, not all that you can get from California. You can also embark on a trail near the Californian coast, your jeep needling through huge redwood trees as old as history itself, your family chancing upon a view of the pacific from time to time.

You can also take one of the many desert mountain tours of arid Arizona. Climb the rugged trail in your chartered four-wheel drive. Camp overnight if you like. But do not forget one thing.

Do not leave your shades back at home. Those and your hat will be lifesavers under the desert sun.

If you like the desert sun, and want to go somewhere not so close to your home, take a jeep safari in the arid state of Rajasthan in India. See the desert fort of Jaisalmer, where the old mingles with the new.

You will feel like suddenly you have plunged into the middle of medieval India. See Delhi and its historical locations, the ruins from Mughal India.

If you would rather take a mountain hike, go for the Himalayan jeep trails that will take you from the beautiful valleys of Shimla to reach the heights of Leh, in Ladakh valley.

This is one of the highest trail tours on the planet, reaching a breathtaking 5360 meters at its highest point.

Or you can ride your hired 4×4 in the Negev desert in Israel, or take a beach-combing safari in Aruba.

The choice is yours, choose wisely.

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