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Find The Jean Style That Suits Your Shape Best

Jeans and denim trousers will continue to be popular in the coming seasons. With so many different styles to choose from, it can get quite confusing to pick the right pair for your body type. Following are a few guidelines for every shape:

Look for a low-rise straight or skinny leg. Stay away from capris, flares and too much embellishment, which cut the length of your legs. Also avoid higher rises, because they make your torso look shorter.

The trendy low-rise skinny jean or sandblasted denim is made for your shape. Smaller or lower sitting back pockets create the illusion of curves. Refrain from wearing looser fits, which create a more masculine look.

Go for a slight boot-cut or straight leg to balance a bigger hip and thigh. Make sure the jeans are snug, but not too tight around your thigh. A medium to higher-rise is recommended. Larger or higher sitting back pockets will make a large bum appear smaller.

In order to create the slimmest look, wear a slim-leg stretch-denim boot cut or a straight leg. A high rise helps camouflage a few extra pounds in the midsection. Higher sitting back pockets will lift your behind.

Plus size
Look for a mid- to high-rise straight-leg in dark denim, preferably with a little stretch (2% spandex/lycra). Men’s styles may also fit you well. Avoid tapered legs and bulky front pockets.

Only buy jeans that fit really well; Price and label are less important. Also keep in mind that denim will stretch. If the fit is too loose when you buy your jeans, you will notice that it will get even looser with time.

Denim usually shrinks during the first wash. Should you need to get the legs altered, have it done after washing and drying, or you may end up with jeans that are too short.

Last, but not least, this is how you prevent your jeans from fading too soon: always wash your jeans inside out, add a little vinegar to the wash to set the color and wash your newer and older jeans together.

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