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Fruits In Your Diet! Must For Superfood

You just can’t live without fruits. They are an essential part of the human diet and right from the beginning of civilization, man has cultivated fruits for inclusion in their diet for healthy living.

Even the early men, who led a nomadic life, lived mainly on raw fruits. So how is it possible to exclude fruits from the category of superfoods?

The difference in fruit intake in a normal diet and that of a superfood diet lies in the types of fruits that are consumed as part of each diet.

Normally apples, lemons, guavas, and so on, are specifically mentioned as something to be included in the diet. If you think in the superfood way, though, the uncommon ones hold prominent places on the diet chart.

Tomatoes and watermelons are great sources of superfood. In some way or the other, you normally eat these fruits as juice or in cooked form.

What about the different types of berries? There is a high probability that you have never paid proper attention to them. In fact, they are superfood sources of great nutritional value. 

Rich and nutritious berry list

Acai Berry:

This is a typical type of berry found in the Brazilian hills, specifically in the Amazon belt. You can, however, find it anywhere around the world. Acai berries are primarily antioxidants.

They contain most of the essential amino acids, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, as well as major vitamins. There is one thing that is not so common.

The Acai berry is an important superfood because it takes care of your cardiovascular system, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Beta-sitosterol, a major plant sterol, is one of the main components of acai berry, which helps to keep your heart safe.

This is well-proven because people staying in the Mediterranean region hardly ever suffer from any form of cardiac disorder. For your lungs, as well, this particular berry from the Amazon belt acts as a stimulant to protect your respiratory system and keep your air sacs refreshed.

Goji berry:

This is another berry in the superfood domain that keeps you free from many diseases, both common and severe. Goji berry is a Mongolian berry that has been used by the natives of the Tibetan region for ages. It is believed that this berry carries medicinal properties and is, thus, is considered to be a healing fruit.

The fruit is quite like the cherry, but instead of bright red, it has a deeper shade of red and, at a glance, you might think it to be a raisin.

Now being consumed as a superfood, the goji berry is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and linoleic acid which is, essentially, a fatty acid. As an anti-inflammatory agent, beta-sitosterol is also present in the goji berry.

Very common fruit, with a difference


It is a particular fruit close to common mangoes and popular in the southern part of Asia. A major section of the population living in Asia refers to it as the queen of fruits.

It is also worthy of being called the queen of superfood. In a single stroke, it can serve you with an infinite number of functions.

One mangosteen will protect you from every angle – from the glow of your skin to the cardiovascular system. It will support your digestive and kidney systems and also function as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent.

Last, but not the least, the mangosteen is an antioxidant and strongly supports your immune system. After getting a brief idea of the fruits regarded as superfoods, what have you decided?

Will, you still continue with whatever you have been consuming, or will you introduce these to your diet? Just think it over, and then take action!

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