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Eat Tomatoes! Raw And Cooked! That’s Superfood

Round and red tomatoes can be very important to your healthy diet. Do you find this hard to believe? If you do, its high time to change your mind.

Current research on tomatoes has come up with theories that distinctly show the importance of this fruit.

It is valuable to eat more than the little amount we have as a few slices in the salad or dipping some potato fingers in the tomato sauce.

Tomatoes have been given the status of a superfood, and including it in your regular diet has become quite important.

Why is the tomato red? Is it the red pigment that makes it so important?

Answering these questions will make the whole picture clear for you. The tomato is red in color due to the presence of a particular pigment. Lycopene is a red-colored pigment, which is basically an antioxidant.

The vitality of this pigment has been discovered and researched only in the most recent times. Tomatoes have now been referred to as a superfood.

As an antioxidant, lycopene protects your body from some deadly diseases. If simple tomatoes can really do this, whats better than that?

A recent survey on gynecological problems have shown the most common problems in today’s women are either polycystic ovaries or breast cancers.

Ladies, for you, tomatoes can be of great relief. Tomatoes act as a counter to prevent you from breast cancer.

Could you ever imagine this low-cost red fruit to be so powerful to keep you away from such a dangerous ailment?

Have it raw or cooked but make it a part of your diet. Even if you have no such fear of cancer, have tomatoes to keep you looking young. Now, the fair sex cannot say no. Yeah!

Super-food for old men

Tomatoes are real superfood for the elderly guys. Enlargement of prostate glands is a common problem in men after fifty.

And, finally, it can take the shape of prostate cancer. If you are a bit cautious from the early stage of life, you can prevent it coming at this age.

Lycopene in tomatoes can be effective in protecting prostate glands from developing into cancer. Eat tomatoes and keep your stomach and lungs away from cancer.

Flavonoid: Another important tomato component

Apart from lycopene, tomatoes are nutritious due to the presence of flavonoid. This particular component does a lot for your heart. Keep tomatoes close to your heart and keep it safe from any attack.

Tomatoes act wonderful on skin. Ladies are you listening? Often, you have complained of sunburns and skin tanning.

Whatever sunscreen and moisturizers you use are fine, but at the end of the day, when you come home from work, rub those areas that have come in close contact with the sun with some tomato paste. The chances of tanning will completely get erased.

So can you now see how many functions a single fruit can have? You can feed them to your stomach as raw salads, sauce and cook them with pasta preparations or treat your skin with its juice.

Whichever method you use, you are the one whos going to benefit. Thus, the tomato is a real superfood. No doubt about it!

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