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Top Brewers You Can Consider Buying

Only a coffee aficionado realizes that coffee brewing is an intriguing art indeed. As history advanced there appeared variety of brewing techniques and brewing devices.

All of these devices combined great sense of innovation and technical genius. But not all of them could survive the test of time because of some technical shortcomings in them.

A few of them survived in course of history to gain a worldwide popularity. These brewing methods are time tested tools that have been used for ages to extract the maximum flavor out of the coffee beans and keeping the tastes of undesired components at minimum.

There are four factors associated with a successful coffee brewing: quality of the coffee, quality of the water, temperature and brewing time.

No matter what type of brewer you are using, you have to follow the basic rules of brewing. As for example, brewing time should not exceed 4.5 to 5 minutes. The brewing should be done with a temperature of 195-205° F. You should also be cautious about the ratio of water and the coffee which is 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of drinking water.

Three most popular and convenient ways of brewing coffee are Press Pots or French Press, Automatic Drip Brewer and Vacuum Pot.

Before discussing about the top picks in these three segments, let us explain how these three different types of brewers function.

French Press: This particular coffee brewer gives you the maximum control with regard to the brewing time and temperature.

By extracting coffee oils, a French Press gives you the taste of coffee that is never possible with filter coffee, as in the latter case coffee oils are trapped in the filters.

It is also the cheapest variety of coffee brewer. But due to longer preparation time and cleaning complexities, it is regarded as less convenient as compared to a drip brewer.

It also releases heat faster. To prevent the heat loss, you can consider buying a Bodum insulated coffee press.

This coffee press will be a wise choice from the points of view of both design and brewing quality.

Those who want the high quality of brewing of a French Press without the complexities of brewing involved with this device can consider investing in an integrated electric water heater-French press devised by Chef’s Choice.

Vacuum Pot: Having an aversion towards the smell typical of paper filter used in drip coffee brewer?

Do you also seem to have apathy towards the thick sediments that appear in the bottom of the cup, when the coffee is brewed in a French Press.

Never mind, you can use a vacuum pot which will give you a perfect cup of coffee with all its exotic aroma intact.

This device is a combination of two separate glass bulbs that employ a heating and cooling cycles for the extraction of maximum flavor from the coffee beans.

Bodum provides you the best and least expensive vacuum pot, while you can also try such brands as Yama, FoodService, mint Silex and Cory.

You can also opt from the Bodum series of electronically controlled vacuum brewer called the Bodum Electric Santos (eSantos).

Automatic Drip Brewer: Want to know about the easiest way of brewing coffee? Then bring home an automatic drip brewer.

Sometimes the taste of paper filter spoils the flavor of your coffee. To avoid this problem you can consider placing a thick paper filter in the brewing basket after wetting it thoroughly with water.

As the water starts boiling, pour the freshly ground coffee into the coffee filter and shake the basket well to ensure an consistent extraction.

You do not have to worry about the brewing time and temperature because they are automatically controlled in this device.

Remove the hot plate from under the glass carafe after coffee is fully brewed so that the coffee does not get burnt.

The high end drip brewers are produced by Techni Vorm. There are also many brands like Philips Cafe Gourmet, Melitta, Chemex Brewers and KitchenAid Ultra.

There are many more brands of coffee brewers in the market that promise a grand brewing. Stage a search in the internet or just head off to the local mall to learn about more coffee brewer brands.

To get the most wonderful coffee drinking experience, invest in a proper brewing tool. 

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