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Halloween Party Planning Tips

As the popularity of Halloween parties increases every year, a Halloween party has become an occasion to show the world your organizing and culinary skills.

However, since no Halloween party can really be a success (read truly scary!) without meticulous planning, here are a few Halloween party-planning tips for you, depending on your budget and the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest: 

–     Send out the invitations to the party at least a fortnight in advance. Your invitation should contain details about time, venue, costume and theme

–     While the party will of necessity focus more on the children than the adults, the latter must stay close by in case emergencies crop up.

Also, adult supervision can help prevent property damage, which is always a possibility with children around

–    Take Polaroid pictures of the guests as they arrive in costume and hand the prints to the respective guests when they leave

–     A lot of people prefer to throw a Halloween party out of doors, in which case you need to have a backup plan ready if it rains or storms so that the party can shift indoors immediately

–     Since decoration is everything for a Halloween party, you may need help with particularly elaborate pieces. A good way to solve the problem is to ask a few guests to arrive early so that they can lend a hand with the decorations

That was the pre-party planning. When it comes to actual Halloween party planning, you might want to follow the tips below: 

–     Consider playing ghostly music at the doorway, just to set the tone for the evening.

In the same vein, use black light bulbs (white bulbs covered in black transparent paper will do very well) and black balloons to decorate the entrance

–     Since ghosts are likely to figure prominently in the scheme of things whatever the theme of the party, make paper cutouts of ghosts and hang them strategically around the house for the refined touch, you can use paper lanterns in the shape of pumpkins

–     Make sure party games are in abundant supply, especially crafts assignments that the children can then hang up as decorations.

Another game can be to hold a scariest costume competition, with consolation prizes for non-winners, particularly children. Yet another option is to organize a scavenger hunt plenty of scope for thrills and chills

–     Party favors are an absolute must to make sure no child goes home empty-handed

–     For a really gross touch, design your menu so that the food items can look scary. Thus, you have eyeball-shaped pastries, skeletal candy, and punch that looks like blood!

If required, ask for professional help in this regard

–     Hold a live spooky story narration session, in which some adults or older children can dress up as ghosts and ghouls

–     Always have a first aid kit ready for emergencies

Finally, as the fun and games proceed, be sure to record everything on your handy cam for future enjoyment and idea-generation!

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