Herbal Remedies For Cleansing And Detoxifying The Body


Most herbalists believe that a lot of modern day illnesses, diseases and chronic health conditions are caused by years and years of dietary neglect.

Eating junk food, preservatives and other chemicals, combined with the lack of proper vitamins and minerals causes a buildup of toxins inside the body, which in turn can wreak havoc on the body’s immune system and cleansing capabilities.

While there are many herbal and alternative remedies that are designed to deal with specific conditions, most Herbalists believe that the key to treating almost all conditions is to treat the underlying causes of these conditions instead.

One example is the skin disease known as Psoriasis. This condition is caused by the overreaction of the body’s immune system to a certain stimulus.

This causes the immune system to push new skin cells to the surface at a much faster rate than normal. This in turn causes an excess of skin on the surface of the body, which results in flaky, scaly sore spots on various locations of the body.

The focus of most modern day medications for treating Psoriasis is on trying to minimize the scaly buildup.

Some treatments even try to suppress the body’s immune system to ‘solve’ the problem. From an Herbalists point of view, this can only lead to further problems.

When the body’s normal waste removal systems become clogged or stagnated, it can cause toxins to leak back into the blood stream, which in turn can cause all kinds of problems for the internal organs.

This can lead to a variety of conditions, diseases and symptoms caused by the body’s desperate attempts to clean out toxins and wastes that are polluting it.

If the body cannot eliminate these toxins via the normal method (elimination through the colon), one of the next options is eliminating the toxins through the skin.

Detoxifying the body is often accomplished through the use of enemas. Enemas will help quickly flush out any stagnant waste within the colon.

This article addresses just a sample of one of the major problems that can occur due to the buildup of toxins within the body.

Detoxifying the body can and should be done naturally by making the right dietary choices, addressing vitamin deficiencies and through the use of herbal remedies.

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