Home Remedies For Dry Skin Problems


There are many homemade remedies to treat and prevent dry skin during the colder season.

You may use baking soda as a prevention to dried lips, by simply rubbing it gently on your lips and applying Vaseline on after, or exfoliate your hands by rubbing them together with sugar.

A professor of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh affirmed that another method to avoid dry skin, was not to take hot showers and use richer lotions over the skin.

In winter, the body creams must be extra rich in order to preserve the natural oils in the skin, it is also helpful to have a humidifier in the bedroom.

The best lip balm for preventing dry lips is Vaseline petroleum, it is better than any other medical lip balms or ones with scents, that could themselves, cause allergies and dryness to the skin.

Some people use hydrogen peroxide to stop their skin itching, this is not advised by dermatologists, for it will cause the skin to dry up. Sunscreen creams are recommended to protect against the cold and the sun, as are gloves and scarves. �x�[email protected]