Home Selling Tips: Staging Finishes

Home Selling Tips: Staging Finishes
Home Selling Tips: Staging Finishes

Most smart buyers know what it takes to generate interest in a home. There are, of course, a few things that are just common sense.

The most natural of these is easily the cleanliness factor of the home. Remember that image of the white glove test?

That’s how clean the home should be. The entire house should squeak! But there are also a few tricks of the trade that can be utilized to feature certain aspects of your home or, to make it more inviting to buyers.

One aspect of the home that is often overlooked is the lighting. One way that the light in a room can be improved is by cleaning the windows if natural light is needed or by the addition of lamps if the room is simply too dark.

Try not to overdo it as harsh lighting is not overly attractive. Also, make sure that the home is a comfortable temperature.

If a home is freezing cold then buyers will not stay long enough to notice everything, likewise if they are sweating after 3 minutes in the home.

There is another aspect that many people seem to forget when selling their homes. Odor. This is not to say that your home stinks, merely that every home has its own smell.

This is created by things like smoking, pets, or cooking to name a few. It’s always good practice to air the home out for a while before a showing.

Try not to use overpowering air fresheners or sprays as this can lead viewers to believe there may be an odor problem.

Another nice touch is adding flowers throughout the house. This can bestow pleasant smells on the rooms as well as creating a nice accent to the furniture and art.

Remember, you are not trying to sell the home to yourself, your home has to appeal to as many people as possible so do whatever it takes to ensure that your home is an inviting and appealing place.

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