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How Being Fat Can Save Your Life

Did you ever wonder why the body stores fat in the first place?

Surely, with all the sophisticated systems continuously churning around inside of us, there should be a mechanism to eliminate excess fat.

After all, anything else that we consume in excess gets its nutrients absorbed and then eliminated as waste. If fat is not required, it could be eliminated the same way.

But, no. The body stores fat and pads us with it.

And with good reason.

No you probably believe that there cannot be any good reason in this world to make you look less attractive. Attractive to yourself and a member of the opposite sex.

There is however a primal desire that is stronger than the reproductive urge, or procreation. This is the urge to survive.

To survive as a species, the body must be kept alive. And storing fat is one mechanism to improve the chances of this happening.

Apart from an available energy source when there is not enough food available to sustain the living body, the fat actually has another vital role to fulfill.

It absorbs toxins that could kill us.

Few people are aware of this major function of the fat layer around our bodies.

With our modern lifestyle being as toxic as it is, the normal body processes have not been able to adapt sufficiently to eliminate all the toxin that enter our bodies on a daily basis.

Whereas our internal organs are designed to absorb toxins and package them into the waste material for elimination, an overload of toxins can stress these same organs to the point of failure.

To prevent just such an occurrence, the body protects these organs and stores the toxins in fat layers.

This is done, so that the normal organic processes may dispose of these toxins during periods of little additional toxin consumption.

With the lives we live today, this toxin absorption drought never happens. As such, the body is unable to process the toxins in the fat layer around our bodies and they remain. In fact they need to stay, to stop the toxins from killing us.

This brings up some very interesting discoveries.

The most efficient weight loss and fat reduction diets, work around a toxin reduction food intake. This frees the fat up to be eliminated.

Combine this with a reduced caloric intake, and you will lose that fat layer. Eating a calorie reduced but toxic diet, will make it much harder to get rid of that bulge.

So, the secret to a healthy fat reduction regimen, is to start with a toxin reducing healthy food intake program.

This alone may be the most important action of all the steps required to get back into shape.

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