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How Fabric Displays Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Nowadays the advertising industry has evolved spectacularly offering enhanced methods of transmitting your promotional message to the public.

Where photography excelled in the presentation of products on high-quality prints, now flash products and QTVR displays have taken over.

The Internet has also greatly contributed to this evolution in the advertising world, where potential customers can find all the information they need on any product or service they wish to purchase.

However, direct advertising still has an important impact on the public and many are conditioned by more traditional forms of advertising. Advertising displays such as basic prints have now evolved into digital banners.

Whatever the type of display you may be used to promote your business, the basic goal is the same. You are trying to persuade people to buy your product or service.

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Hence, the psychological element is the most important regardless of the tools you are using to advertise.

The fundamental aim is to catch the publics’ attention with strong visual images and messages.

This is where fabric displays come in, as many businesses have started using these to advertise in large public areas, such as shows and other marketing events. This new method can actively display your business on all sorts of fabrics.

The various fabrics used for displays can vary from special fabric to embedded images.

Embedded images are incorporated interactive features directly in fabric and companies have started to use this technological display on t-shirts and other clothes to promote their events and promotions.

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The more traditional banners made of silk or other attractive materials are still widely used in trade shows.

There are various types of technologies used in fabric displays, such as the thermochromic fabric display or the fur fabric display as well as the electroluminescent and LED fabric exhibits.

These electroluminescent fabrics are becoming extremely popular due to the low costs involved to produce them and the minimal power they need to function.

To make these types of displays special luminescent dyes and liquid crystals are used, which result in less expensive as opposed to the expensive EL fiber technology and P-OLED.

These fabric displays are aimed at the general public without a specific customer type in mind. This general public propaganda is proving more effective than advertising aimed at specific demographic groups.

The incorporation of technology to create newer fabric exhibit displays is an excellent solution for businesses in the quest for innovative display advertising.

These avant-garde fabric displays have immense marketing potential above and beyond those of other invasive forms of advertising such as billboards and posters.

As the media and the internet are taking up a large part of lives, it is essential to develop new methods of incorporating full-motion videos into advertising and marketing strategies or businesses may run the risk of losing out to the competition. 

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