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How To Enhance A Woman’s Career Development

There are so many women with families and children out there working as well as managing a household and the number is growing every year, in fact, it has been estimated that the woman task force is double that of the working men.

This new and increasing trend has presented new challenges and opportunities within companies, and they are starting to consider that the woman task force should be more developed and cared for as far as career development is concerned.

Some changes can be seen under the form of more traditional aspects, such as visible postings of opportunities for jobs and career advancement as well as career counseling and training plans.

Other companies even propose innovative plans such as opportunities for part-time jobs at higher managerial levels as well as many different practices that are family-orientated.

However, although the trend is moving towards enhancing women’s careers, it still is difficult for women to find counseling, especially at higher management levels.

Most times the men working at these executive levels do not have much experience with women and do not feel comfortable having a woman colleague to work with, or any of these counseling relationships go beyond the office walls and end up becoming more intimate relationships.

This is the main reason why many companies have decided to assign a mentor to women working with men, to avoid any deviation from the work focus and make issues run smoothly.

There has been a new program launched in favor of working mothers recently, which has created a bit of an upheaval.

This is known as the Mommy track plan that suggests companies should allow women with families more flexible hours and have more ease of the tension in work.

This program was meant to help those working mothers with their careers and give them a chance to manage both families and jobs in a less stressful way.

However, many women’s groups and women generally were angered by this plan, as they claim that by allowing this is as if to admit that women with families can only be good mothers at the expense of their careers.

Although there are plans and programs whose objectives are to aid working mothers, on fact still remains that if a woman has a family she needs to set her objectives and priorities to achieve a good balance between the time and effort spent with her family and the dedication to her career.

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