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How Happy People Get That Way – And You Can Too!

Are you often overcome with feelings of anxiety and discouragement because of the daily pressures and obstacles you face?

Have you sat in wonder of how some individuals seem to handle life’s curveballs with seeming ease and optimism?

Perhaps you’ve been frustrated by a friend or family member’s ability to see the best in life simply because you can’t understand where their ‘eternal sunshine’ comes from.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people find that pressure at work, hectic family routines, and a lack of energy take away much of the enjoyment in life they used to have.

If you’ve simply forgotten how to look at life in a positive light, or if you’ve faced obstacles such as loss of work or illness that have overshadowed the rest of your life, check out these steps to bring joy back into your life.


Perhaps in your rush to get everything done and stay on top of it all, you’ve forgotten to stay connected to your friends and family.

Even scientific studies have agreed that happy people have good relationships, so if you’re feeling in a funk why not call a friend, go for a coffee or arrange some downtime with your husband or children? The interaction can give you an energy boost and help you set priorities that really bring you joy.


It may sound redundant, but taking time to think about what IS good in your life can really increase your happiness.

Are you feeling down about something at work or how you’ve been dealing with your kids? Combat those feelings by consciously thinking about what you’ve done RIGHT.

While acknowledging where you can improve is good for you, beating yourself up about mistakes or unfairness will only break your spirit.


Sometimes all we need is a little diversion to bring happiness back into our life. Challenging yourself and enriching your life with interests outside of your daily routine can bring back a zest that may have been missing.


It’s easy to become absorbed with your own problems and disappointments, but simply looking beyond your immediate surroundings and seeing where you can help others can bring great feelings of satisfaction and joy.

You don’t have to do much – holding the door for someone, bringing your co-worker a coffee, or picking up groceries for an elderly neighbor can fuel your ‘feel good’ chemicals and remind you that happiness comes from our own attitudes and actions.

If despite your efforts you feel that your lack of enjoyment in life may be linked to more serious conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders, please consult your physician about necessary steps you must take to get back on track.

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