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How Negative Thinking Can Prevent You From Earning More

The fact is that negative thinking is self-defeating. Before you even get the chance to begin you have decided you will fail. That certainly is not the recipe for success.

If a positive attitude can help you in your career to earn a good salary, get promotions and make something of yourself; a negative attitude, where negative thinking is the way you allow your life to be run, can cost you that promotion and ultimately your job.

No one wants to have an employee with an I can’t attitude. It’s not good for the work that needs to get done or employee morale.

Believing you cannot do something becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of rejection and failure. If you want to increase your earning potential you need to change this negative attitude.

Working in a corporate environment and telling your boss that you don’t think you can get that report done in the time frame they need, will not get you promoted.

Even if the work you do is excellent and your boss thinks highly of your skills, your attitude will defeat you.

Then you find yourself in that vicious circle of rejection. You are certain that the work you do isn’t good enough, so you try less to improve it.

This leads to you producing poorer work, denies you any possibility of getting a raise or a promotion and leaves the possibility open to you losing your job, maybe even one you like, based solely on your negative attitude.

What about an employee that does well, and hands in the work when required, but still has no faith in his or her own abilities?

They are productive, well skilled and effective in their job but their negative thinking will still hamper their ability to get a promotion.

This will be reflected in everything they do despite that fact that they are able to perform the job they are asked.

This negative thinking will be reflected in everything from their posture and poise to their speech.

An employer wants to see someone who comes into his or her office with confidence. They want an employee to step in standing straight, with a smile that shows they know what they are doing, and a speech pattern that exudes self-assurance not fear.

Walk into your employer’s office with a positive attitude and you have a good chance of getting that raise or promotion that you want. Walk in with negative thinking as your companion and no matter the quality of your work, it’s your lack of self-confidence that gets noticed first and so they’ll be no raises.

This continued negative thinking would hamper your ability to earn the kind of money you think you are worth.

If you decide to leave your present employer to get a better job, wanting to earn a better income, you’ll find that getting a good reference may be difficult.

Without good references a potential employer will be suspicious of the job applicant’s reasons for leaving and the abilities they bring to a new position. Again the negative thinking has reflected in lost opportunities.

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