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How Sustainable Agriculture Can Influence Our Future

Unfortunately for agriculture and the richness of our products, the afterworld technologies with their thirst for mass productivity have contributed to the decline of the quality of crops and livestock.

The rush into the increase of food and fiber production has increased the use of chemicals which has slowly contributed to the impoverishment of the soil and resulting products.

New technologies and the mechanization of agriculture as well as the government policies have led to an exasperated use of the soil thus to a decline in its mineral properties.

The ground has also been subject to neglect and contamination caused by topsoil depletion and water pollution.

This is where sustainable agriculture has stepped in within the past twenty years, to help re-integrate the natural process of the earth and the crops that sprout from it.

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Slowly but surely sustainable agriculture is gaining in popularity and is being accepted as a credible solution for the impoverishment of produce and pollution of the soil.

Sustainable agriculture underlines the importance of many social and environmental concerns and offers new trends and economic solutions for crop growth, consumer policy, and opportunities for laborers and farmers.

There are three main aims that sustainable agriculture means to implement: economic profit, environmental health, and equality in the social and economic spheres.

Many people within different social and economical groups have contributed to the sustainable agriculture trend and in different ways are helping to promote a healthier environment.

The important issue is that we must think of today’s needs without compromising those of the future.

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Building up too much stock and thus hindering the future product is both useless and destructive.

Think of all the produce that is thrown out in order not to compromise the prices on the market and all the waste there is.

This destructive management of agricultural resources must stop and sustainable agriculture aims to do just that.

We must all work on our social responsibilities and work for the better living conditions of laborers, the consumer’s health and safety as well as the needs of rural communities.

It is essential that natural resources be preserved for maintaining the quality of our products and that of the future.

Notably, water is one of the main issues nowadays.

The incorrect use and abuse of water supplies have depleted many resources; this is why it is fundamental that communities and countries work on establishing water storage and adapted transfer systems to re-integrate this lack.

When the water supply is established with proper irrigation techniques then crops can benefit from drought-resistant systems and not suffer from further damage due to relentless production and consumption.

The quality of the water is also another major issue due to the pollution of the natural springs and supplies.

Pesticides, selenium, and nitrates have contributed to the contamination of the soil and the salt level in soil has decreased causing a problem for the crops.

This is why it is fundamental to slowly abandon the rush for mass production and avoid chemical elements that are slowly destroying our land and the quality of our crops, thus impoverishing our eco-system and the food we consume every day.

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