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Secret Tips To Keep Your Garden In Good Shape

One of the most difficult issues in a garden is probably that of keeping disease away from it. When it happens we are always asking ourselves, how did that happen, and most of all how do I get rid of parasites or diseases?

The first and most crucial step to take is to understand how to prevent disease in the first place, for prevention is always better than having to cure and get rid of disease or parasites.

The disease occurs with the combination of three elements; there is a pathogen present, like a fungus, virus, or bacterium, a plant that is diseased, and bad environmental conditions. If you break one link in this chain, then the disease will not occur.

So before you are faced with these problems do all you can to prevent disaster and follow the following steps.

Always examine your plants carefully before purchasing them, to avoid introducing a diseased plant into your garden.

To do that you need to be able to recognize what a healthy plant looks like. Do some research on the type of plant you are interested in, although in general terms your plants should not have rotted stems, dead spots, or any insects on them.

Always check the roots closely, for many of us tend to neglect what is not evident to the eye.

Put your hand on the surface of the soil with the stem of the plant in between your fingers and slowly put the pot upside-down so that the roots are exposed.

The roots of the plant should be firm and white, as well as correctly spaced out over the root ball.

Should you notice the roots are dark or soggy looking then they are on the way of rotting and the plant is not likely to live much longer.

When gardening takes advantage of materials that you can use for natural composting. Be careful not all elements have the same period of degradation as others.

You may need to wait for more for others to have a good and healthy compost for your garden.

If you do not wait sufficient, you may risk introducing infected debris, for composting generates high temperatures that kill any pathogens that may infect your plants.

So although compost is excellent for your garden if you are not sure whether your compost pile is ready avoid using it.

Always keep an eye out for any insects or pests that may be present on your plants.

Some insects can carry viruses and pass them on to the plant, which can in turn pass it to the other plants. So treat your plants immediately in order to keep up their strength.

Keep your garden free from debris and leaves especially in autumn. Keep it clean as this will deter any disease and control the bacteria and viruses in your garden.

Always make sure you apply the right type of fertilizer, for too many products may weaken plants and expose them to viruses.

With these few tips, you can keep your garden in excellent health and take advantage of its beauty in all seasons.

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