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How To Combat Spyware

One thing is certain. You have to fight spyware, there is no alternative. You cannot leave the issue aside, you cannot say that, let it stay the way it is. I mean, you can always say that if you like, but the risk might be a bit too high. You live the issue as a side one, you do not think about it at all, its a lot of trouble, you think, and all of a sudden you realize that the actual trouble is beginning now. Maybe somebody from Bangladesh has your bank pin number. And maybe they want to use it for siphoning some money out of your savings account.

You never know, and how will you? Did the people at Troy discover the Trojan Horse as what it was? They revelled in short lived pleasure and later paid dearly for their foolishness. You might have to pay dearly too, mind you that, in the literal sense of the word.

Know first what a spyware is. That, of course, should be the very first step to combating it. To fight anything, you have to have knowledge over it, you cannot box the shadow warrior! Or can you?

Spywares are programs, generally small programs, that get installed into your operating system unawares. You do not get to know it, but it lurks there, it waits and whenever you dish out information of some kind, it might send that information back to its original employer, its creator. In that way, it is definitely different from other programs. The software you have bought, which are already loaded in you computer, they are supposed to follow a set of certain basic rules, they do not divulge information. If they would, they would only strengthen your system. The software you buy from the market gives you protection, they have their allegiance to you. A spyware does not. The spyware always returns to its creator.

But, how do they get installed in your system in the first place? You did not choose for it? You did not buy the software? This is the beauty of the thing, you do not even know when the software penetrated your system. Maybe you had inadvertently clicked on the wrong button while surfing? Maybe you had installed a downloaded a software that looked inviting to you? And maybe the spyware rode piggyback on that? Maybe you wanted an anti-spyware software and had clicked on the wrong promise? For it is quite a common practice to have a spyware parade as an anti-spyware software.

But, then, what do you do to prevent these? Litigation might not always be the suitable choice, for maybe the spyware peddler is sitting in Pakistan? Do you have that kind of money to litigate somebody on uncertain premises in a foreign country?

There is always a better option. Use the internet discretely. Do not click on all the offers that are lucratively being made to you. And, most importantly, use a browser that blocks pop-ups from the system. That will save you a lot of trouble later.
Also, you can buy an anti-spyware software from the market if you like, there are a lot of options.

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