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Safe Surfing Rules For Teens

Now, teens are an impressionable lot. You might, of course, not like that stipulation at the very beginning of this write up, but, in a way, that is the truth.

Otherwise, why would they be one of the biggest spenders across all age groups? They are definitely big spenders and therefore, it is easy to push sell stuff to them.

If you are a teenager, do not get frustrated by what I say, it is no senile rant. I was a teenager, and not that many years back, for that matter. Therefore, like to think I know quite a lot about it, since I experienced the system not many years ago.

Who are, say, most susceptible to the charms of a cigarette? It is mostly in the teens that people try out stuff that might not be healthy, might not be right, or might make existence a torment later on.

As with everything, so is the case with the internet. You succumb to the temptation of a lot of things. There are a lot of points where your website host knows you can be lured easily. It is okay if the choice you are given on websites are legitimate.

But what often happens is, you are left with no choice. The internet is a lawless beast. And it is hard to tame. It is there to utilize your weaknesses. And believe me when I say that they know your personalized weaknesses better than you do.

Take for example ad-wares, what do they do? They tempt you. You are surfing some different page, suddenly there pops up an advertisement on something you desire yet do not need. What do you do? Do you click the window off?

Probably not, maybe they are your favourite cookies which are getting advertised. And they are promising you that you will receive them at your doorstep, you do not need to go to the nearest department store for them.

Just give them your net-banking info. Well, you like those cookies, no doubt. And the service is good, no doubt. But at the same time, it was an invasion into your privacy. You did not want to be solicited with cookies.

Maybe you are a compulsive buyer. And probably you are trying to quit the habit sincerely. But the ad-ware company knows very well that so and so teenager on so and so street is completely fond of animal rights tee-shirts.

They advertise unsolicited. You do not like that, but you comply with their wishes since you are in love with that specific merchandise.

But where do they get those information from. They get it from your own computer. There might be spywares within the system which are keeping a keen eye on your every digital move.

You might even attract viruses to your computer, the internet is a highway of wares that harm your computer. Therefore, next time you click on a link, be sure that it is what you absolutely need to follow, do not fall into a trap.

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