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How To Deal With First Pregnancies

For each woman a first pregnancy is individual, and one cannot really generalize how a woman may feel during this first experience as it is so different for each woman.

A first pregnancy is all about anticipation and wonderment, as well as awe at what your body can actually accomplish.

At the beginning your first pregnancy will show the same signs as any other pregnancy, such as illness and fatigue, however not all women feel all that ill.

In general, fatigue is a common factor as is morning sickness and even the most energetic women feel sluggish during their first trimester.

Whatever symptoms you may have, these will affect your general well-being and health. If you already had a medical condition it is likely to get worse, and therefore has to be closely monitored.

As this time is a time of change and emotional and physical upset, it is important to keep as fit as you can, without overdoing it.

You can start performing some light exercise adapted for your trimester of pregnancy, as these will help you feel better and allow for a better blood flow, for both you and the baby.

The second trimester should get better and you will be able to adapt the exercises accordingly. However, keep in mind that any medical issues may get worse during this stage, so you need to be monitored.

During the third trimester a lot of the anxiety should have dispersed as the baby is now nearly fully formed and you are just anxious to be able to hold it in your arms.

Take advantage of this period to get as much rest as you can and enjoy your pregnancy status, as most people will now see you are one of those mothers-to-be.

Once the baby is born you will have to look after it and will lose many nights, so get all the rest and allow people to pamper you.

Enjoy buying clothes and items for your new baby and preparing the nursery. Make sure you learn as much as you can about how to look after your baby and some techniques to help you deliver with more ease and less pain.

There are often specific courses to help mothers deliver with less pain, teaching you relaxing methods and breathing exercises that will help you during labor.

Towards the final stages of pregnancy you will be anxious to see the baby and get rid of all the excess fluid and weight most women gain during pregnancy. You will also be looking forward to being able to get at your toes once more.

Although the phases of labor and delivery will no doubt cause discomfort and some pain, the joy of actually giving birth to your first child is irreplaceable and all the discomfort is immediately forgotten at the sight of this wonder of nature.

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