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One of the best moments in any woman’s life is when she is pregnant, especially if its her first child.  No matter what the circumstance or situation, a woman’s pregnancy is always something to celebrate because there is just something amazing about the fact that there is a growing child inside her waiting to be born.

It wouldn’t matter anymore if the pregnancy was hard and uncomfortable to some once the baby is born.  Its true what they say that everything else seems second place when you have a baby. 

However, the best way to feel good about your pregnancy is to enjoy every minute of it and milk it for all its worth.

After all, people have the tendency to be a little more lenient, understanding, and pampering towards pregnant women.  It’s probably everybody else’s way of celebrating and sharing in the joy of pregnancy. 

Have you ever noticed how everyone just lets pregnant women get in line first or take the last seat on the bus?  Enjoy that.  Revel in the pregnancy because you will be like that for the next nine months.

Clothes for Pregnant Women

Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy doesn’t mean you will look like a balloon wearing a tent.  While you will gain weight and be bigger than your usual size including shoe size you can still look sexy and stylish with the right clothes and attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, well-meaning shops with typical pregnancy clothes do have your comfort and best interests at heart.  However, it doesn’t mean that these are your only choices.  After all, some pregnancy clothes do make you look like a tent-wearing balloon.

While you’re still not showing, you can wear your regular clothes for as long as they fit.  After about the first trimester, you may find your regular clothes don’t fit anymore. 

Look in the section of department stores that carry the regular line, you can still fit into them just get a bigger size. This way, you get to keep your stylish look while enjoying your pregnancy at the same time.

Diet and Nutrition

Being pregnant, you have to eat only healthy foods, especially stay away from too many processed foods.  Some diabetics develop their condition during or after pregnancy so watch your sugar intake. 

Salt, too, should be taken in moderation because within your last trimester water retention doubles usually. Bear in mind that pregnancy conditions differ from woman to woman.  It is always best to have yourself regularly checked by your OB-GYNE. 

In fact, once you’re sure that you are already pregnant, you have to see one right away to make sure that first, you are pregnant; and second, that everything is in order.

It is also quite an unforgettable experience once you start buying little things for the new baby to prepare for his birth.  Having a baby shower can also help you save things for the baby. 

In a nutshell, pregnancy is the best time for any woman, so enjoy it while you can.  It is one privilege that sets all women apart from men.

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