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How To Effectively Use Banner Advertising

It is quite common that when you visit websites, you’d see a lot of banner advertising.  These banners litter almost every website.

They’re at the top of the page, the sides, and the bottom of the page. Each of these banners screams for your attention; encouraging and enticing you to click on them.

There are even banners that offer unbelievably good offers which would raise a few eyebrows.  Messages are well-crafted to raise people’s curiosity. Most of the time, people do act on their curiosity and click the banners.

How Banner Advertising Compares to Other Forms of Advertising

At the inception of online advertising, banner advertising was a popular form of advertising media.

Eventually, the popularity of these banners waned when people started to ignore them.  Nowadays, you would be very lucky if you would get people to click on your websites advertising banners.

This form of advertising has taken a backseat while search engine positioning, PPC advertising, article, and email marketing take up the front seat.

However, banner advertising could still be effective and profitable if you know how to use them.  One secret is to find products that suit your website theme, and then you would negotiate considerably lower rates with the advertisers.

Tips on Using Banner Advertising

If you want your banner ads to effectively work, here are some things that you should remember:
a.    Banner advertising placement.  Where you place your ads play a role in this ad’s success.  The advertising placement must be strategic.

Do not just scatter your ads all over your website without considering the effectivity of placement.

b.    Appropriate banner advertising ads.  Consider your readers when you are placing advertising banners.

The products that your banners are advertising must be those that would interest your readers.  If most of your readers are women, then place shoes, perfume, or bags ads. Your customer base must be similar to the ads owners’ customers.

c.    Banner advertising appearances.  Make sure that your banners are interesting.  You should try various designs and place these designs strategically.  Keep track of the designs that get more responses by monitoring the clicks these banners generate.

d.    Keep it simple and effective.  You only have a few seconds to get people to click on the advertisement.

It is important that you avoid setting up banners that would annoy people rather than encourage them to click on the banners.  Keep the message clear and not too wordy.

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