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How To Find Clients For Your Green Consulting Firm

You have decided to start your own green consulting firm and have the necessary skills and experience, and have set up an office, now you may be wondering where to find your clients.

Believe it or not there are several places where you can begin your search, and the following are a few tips to help you search.

Important Corporations
Larger companies and corporations, especially amongst those involved in manufacturing and processing of goods, often require the services of green consultants.

Whether to determine the best waste management processes and procedures or create plans for reducing pollution and other manufacturing by-products.

These corporations need registration on vendor lists, and may ask for bids or tenders to be submitted for projects.

Government Departments
Government departments may often need the services of green consulting companies when they are planning improvements or developments of various government facilities.

Considering the extensive span of all government projects, including healthcare, sports, waste management, building, and construction as well as other public services, becoming a qualified supplier to your local or national government can be a lucrative proposition.

You will have to take special care in the issues concerning legislative and registration when dealing with governments, for these must be strictly complied with.

If you plan to take this plan of action start straightaway for it can be a long process becoming registered. Consider that government projects are subject to bids and tenders, so you will be faced with competing companies.

Construction Companies and Developers
Nowadays, environmental consultants are becoming more and more involved in construction projects, from pre-construction environmental impact assessments, right through to completion. This is due to development projects becoming ecologically sensitive as construction areas are becoming less available.

Environmental issues sometimes only become apparent during the project, so you may find that these companies are desperate to find the right company in order to avoid delays that would cost them dearly.

The best way to get into this lucrative niche is to get to know other consultants such as project managers, engineers, architects, and quantity surveyors, not to mention developers and construction companies and offer your business services to them.

Private Individuals
Many private individuals are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their lifestyle is having on the earth.

More and more are opting for alternative energy as a supplement or replacement, and when building, many choose to use environmentally friendly processes.

Try and advertise as much as you can through your website and newspapers or magazines, this will get you in the forefront and can be very profitable.

Whichever area you choose to focus on in your environmental consulting practice, you will find that the demand for this type of service has grown significantly, and well run, expert environmental consulting firms should have no trouble finding plenty of work and profitable contracts.

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