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How To Find Entertainment For A Corporate Function

As many business people know, the working environment is not all about work. There are also times when you need to gather employees together for conferences and conventions or workshops.

At other times, there is the need to host events for visiting clients or to hold an industry “open house” to allow prospective clients to see what your company is all about.

One essential component of all these corporate gatherings is supplying means of entertainment during the event.

If you have a corporate function coming up and need some ideas, here are a few ideas to consider.

First, think in terms of what is appropriate entertainment for you corporate event. As an example, if you are a company that produces family oriented products, you need to think in terms of family oriented entertainment for your attendees.

Consult the local chamber of commerce about tours of local sites. If your town has a minor league baseball team, arrange to take everyone to a game one evening. 

Also, consider combining food with some sort of live entertainment. Host a dinner that is followed by a short concert.

Or, if your city is lucky enough to be home to a regional theater, go for dinner out and a shuttle to a play afterwards.

Some regional theaters have package deals with restaurants near their facility and you might be able to reserve a great package.

Comedy is also another option in many cases. Bring in a comedian to do a routine to break up the routine of afternoon business sessions, or to cap off an evening together.

Local talent agencies normally have performers that will be glad to perform for a flat fee. One word of caution: make sure the comedian’s routine is appropriate for your audience.

Going outside the resources of your own city, there are event planners that specialize in corporate events.

Often these planners will have access to caterers, conference centers and entertainment options that can be brought together for your corporate function.

One important thing to remember if the idea of hiring an event planner is attractive: do not wait until the last minute to interview and select a planner.

While many event planners thrive at the challenge of pulling together a successful corporate event, you will pay extra for just about every facet of the function you contract for. This is not a punitive measure. 

Reality is that your planner will have to often beg and plead in order to line up the right components for your function at the last minute.

The costs will be above normal for the planner and rightly should be passed on to your organization.

One other avenue is to consult your contacts in the local business community. Get recommendations on what they have done for entertainment when holding a function similar to yours.

One of the perks of locating entertainment options is this manner is you can get immediate feedback on how well a particular choice worked for contact and can make a decision whether to pursue that particular suggestion or keep looking for something else.

Corporate functions are meant to in some way advance toward the overall goals of the company.

At the same time, they are an excellent opportunity to honor the people who help make the company successful.

Providing some entertainment as a show of appreciation is always appropriate.

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