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What To Look For When Comparing New Houses With Old Houses

Take a look at the ups and downs of new houses and houses that are five years or older and find out what you should be looking for. There are quite a few issues and possible hidden problems that could arise with older homes.

When purchasing a house that has already been built you should consider the houses exposure to the sun, the best being orientated towards the south in colder countries and to the west in hotter climates.

Essentially you should buy a house that has the maximum exposure to the daylight in order to save on electric and gas bills for both lighting and heating purposes.

Check the state of the hydraulic installations, the heating system, electric wiring and possible attachments for the TV aerials.

Also verify that the general framework is solid as well as the flooring, you may decide to have these changed before you buy the house to avoid substantial expenses after the house purchase.

Consider if you will need to change the layout of the rooms or add an extension to the house for your needs.

Make sure you are well acquainted with the rules of the condominium if it is an apartment or a house in a residential area.

Find out what the annual expenses are and take a trip to the town hall to verify that the houses’ surface area is in fact the same as they claim it to be.

Also, check whether there are any hanging charges on the house that remain to be paid.

For new homes other issues must be considered as well as carefully considering what the estate agent tells you. Try and gather as much information as you can and double check to see if it is fact correct.

The pictures agencies show potential buyers are often bigger than what the finished home will look like.

This is why you should ask for and study the plans carefully as well as the construction materials used.

Naturally, the terms of the contract itself must be scrutinized including the tiny text at the bottom of the page! This can be said for both old and new houses.

Extra expenses can quickly add up when building a new house unless there are specific clauses that defend your interests.

An advantage of new homes is that you can ask for variations on the materials and layout of the house, such as the floorings, bathroom fixtures, and other additional products.

Just make sure that these changes do not skyrocket the price of your new house.

Visit the construction site as often as you can to check the progress of the building. Always go with a critical eye considering all issues that appear different to what was stipulated in the terms of contract.

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