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How To Find Your Sense Of Dark Humor In A World Gone Mad

There is no question that the world situation is enough to make anyone lose their sense of humor.

Irregardless of whether you are feeling depressed or angry more often, there is no question that we all need to rediscover our sense of humor, even if it winds up being the dark kind.

As may be expected, recovering your sense of humor may take some time and effort.

One of the first things you will need to do is be willing to accept a challenge.  This includes being willing to laugh at the things which upset you the most. 

As an example, consider a situation where the words “drill baby, drill” evokes horrific visions of  robber barons and terrorists in the middle east getting richer while you and your children die from cancer and starvation. 

Rather than cowering in fear at this situation, it is to your advantage to laugh loudly at the very people causing all these problems.

In particular, if you currently view them as powerful, or impossible to catch in their activities, simply visualize them without their clothes on, and each and every one of their misdeeds thoroughly exposed.

No doubt, you will laugh, and be filled with humor at the very idea of them being fired or otherwise let go from their current source of employment.

It will also be to your advantage to pursue these activities loudly, constantly, and without remorse.

As an example, rather than meekly handing over your hard earned money to the gas station and the electric company, you can simply stop using your car, and reduce electrical consumption.

In the process, you are sure to regain your sense of humor just thinking about the fact that you do not have to work as hard to support the middle east and all kinds of terrorists.

Once you begin finding your sense of dark humor, you will undoubtedly find other ways to express it.

Among other things, you may want to teach others how to find their sense of dark humor.  This may even include starting blogs, writing letters, and drawing cartoons, for the newspapers.

Chances are, once you start to see others breaking the chains of fear, you will also feel better and more confident in your sense of dark humor and its benefit to the world.

Today, most people realize that laughter is a powerful medicine.  Unfortunately, we are living in a world where there is very little to laugh at. That said, dark humor can afford you an endless opportunity to have some mirth in your life. 

In some cases, you may find that being able to laugh at the worst situations facing humanity will give you the stamina and the will power to make changes that help you regain control of your life and the global situation.

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