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Romantic Ideas For A Weekend Getaway

What a grand thing, to be loved! What a grander thing still, to love! – Victor Hugo

Ah, nobody can agree more with that. There’s nothing greater than knowing that whatever you do keeps your loved one happy. But keeping it that way takes something more than the occasional dates and gifts for your partner. And one way to make it more special is to have the perfect weekend getaway with your partner.

Sure, nothing beats any moment spent entirely alone with your loved one. But wouldn’t it be great to make that extra effort to keep him or her smiling for a long time? Here are a few ideas for a romantic weekend getaway:

There’s No Place Like Home.

Why not? Well, there’s another way of taking that saying to a different level. Make arrangements for your kids to stay at your in-laws for the weekend. Keep off unwanted visitors and phone calls by letting everyone know that you will be away for the weekend. Have a marathon DVD movie viewing.

Cook for your partner. Take a shower together. Give each other a good massage, or a satisfying body scrub. Turn an otherwise ordinary household errand into one big playtime with your partner.

Hotel R & R

If you don’t have much time to make preparations, a quick call for a reservation at a five-star hotel would do the job. With the hotel’s recreational activities, you will surely not run out of ideas to keep the level of excitement and entertainment up.

Check out what’s on the restaurant’s menu, take your breakfast-in-bed longer than usual, take a luxurious dip into the pool, and take a hot spa together. But before you forget the foremost reason why you checked in, make sure that you allow some time for your in-room activity together.

Weekend Workshops

There is a simple way to say ‘I want to discover the whole world with you.’ Wouldn’t it be great to learn something new together? Before you decide on what class or workshop to get into, consult and consider your partner’s suggestions.

This would ensure that both of you would be doing something interesting for both of you. From drawing lessons, ballroom-dancing sessions to crafts class, there are many options to get on with a busy weekend.

But if you want to make it more memorable, choose activities that are totally new for both of you. You will not only go home all satisfied and happy, but also more skilled and accomplished.

Nature Tripping

Mother Nature would never go wrong. Nothing beats romance amidst the splendor of natural beauty and breathtaking views. Check out the nearest beach resort near you and make arrangements for a weekend romp at the beach.

Have your own picture-perfect moment by having dinner with a view of the sunset. Or if both of you are up for a good workout, go rock-climbing or hiking together. But be sure to experience the ultimately romantic outdoor stargazing, and let the moon and the stars do the talking.

Church or Community Retreats

What better way to profess your love by going through a relationship-enhancing session or retreat with your loved one? Although you’ll have less private time together, it is another way of getting to know and discover new things about each other.

It is the perfect way to strengthen your relationship and the best time to make an affirmation of your commitment to one another in the presence of other people.

After any of those romantic weekend getaways, expect to get more hugs, kisses, and attention from your partner. But as the saying goes, love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it’s what you are expected to give, which is everything.

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