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How Do You Know it’s Love? 12 Signs to Figure Out True Love

In some occasions, many folks are so fond of whom they fall in love with, and as a result, can’t do without thinking about such fellow.

We keep thinking about our date even after several hours of staying together. It puts us in a state of perplexity, which causes uneasy feelings to spread gradually through our days.

In such case, we begin to wonder if the person you’re dating has stolen your mind. You are already in love, that is the truth.

Love is beautiful, no doubt! However, you have to be sure about it, least we spend many sleepless nights in deep thoughts and confusion.

Sadly, determining the integrity of love is not always easy. Sometimes, a deep infatuation or lust may also look and feel as love.

As a result, you have to make certain that it’s real love. The question now is – how do you know if the love is real?

How can we be sure that the other person is not only the object of our thoughts but the item of our hearts as well?

With the signs below, you will determine if what you’re feeling is love;

 It’s Love #1: Always thinking about him\her

It is love, when, at the beginning of the day, the thoughs of your date are already occupying your mind.

You would want to know whether your date is alright, about his\her mood and possibly what you can do to make him\her feel happy.

Sharing your good moments including your joy, achievements and funny stories with him\her will be what you always like to do.

You constant wish is that both of you would stay together. Though it isn’t a bad moment when he or she is not there because you understand that you expection to be together soon will come true.

Every moment both of you spend together counts. Even merely watching a television program with him\her is never a waste.

It’s Love #2: It’s selfless

You become selfless as you start thinking more about what will be suitable for the other person, than what you can benefit all alone.

You will always care about each other’s happiness, whether or not you are together. Looking out for him or her to ultimately ensure that he\she is happy shows that you care.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to displease yourself to make your date happy. Do not fake anything or even harm yourself to please him or her.

What’s more, you should not request for a sacrifise either. It is not proper to ask your date to prove his\her love by doing what you requests.

More so, it wouldn’t be wrong also to say that love makes one have empathy for their partner.

It’s Love #3: Imagining the future together

Having the feeling of how staying together forever with hom or her would be. And you cherish each moment you feel or dream so.

Even at the mere thought of spending the rest of your lives together, you still can’t help but see it as a beautiful idea.

Reason being that you like how he or she makes you feel when they are around, and you probably won’t want to miss that feeling for anything.

It’s Love #4: Doesn’t fancy beauty

Even if other people are more beautiful or attractive, you still choose to be with this person.

Love doesn’t fancy beauty, but lust does. Love searches and focuses on the innermost being, because there is where what keeps it is.

Also, it means that your commitment to this person is absolute. Your decision is undeniably to love, and devote your time to him\her every moment of your life not minding the situation.  

It’s Love #5: Strong feeling of love

There is still strong feeling of love and romantic attraction, even after the first six months. The passion romance rekindles day by day.

If after such a long period and there is no feeling of boredom out of your minds yet and can still feel the fire burning, simply because you keep it burning.

Then it is love, and this requires dedication and effort, and a clear indication that the two of you still share the love.

It’s Love #Six: Understanding

You desire to understanding him\her at all times, even at the point of aurgumemt. There is absence of harsh judgement and contunial open communication.

When there are shortcomings and mistakes, you do not mishandle or put blames on each other.

For instance, if he is a types that drools while sleeping, or she is gaining weight uncontrorably, you still keep the flame of love burning.

In addition, you still maintain the honesty and trust you in such cases. 

It’s Love #Seven: Respects

In every sincere relationship that involves true love, there should be respect and trust for each other. Let him or her earn respect from you.

And you wouldn’t even want anybody whatsoever to disrespect him\her in your presence. In any case, you stand in to defend him so as to retain his respect and dignity.

The respect would have been reciprocal though if not, it is hard respecting who doesn’t have an atom of concern for you.

It’s Love #8: True Feelings

You have a crazy feeling as if you just went to the moon and back. It merely means you are getting mad in love.

Sometimes, you feel high, like being drunk, all that is for good. The emotion of happiness and love is just playing along.

You get this kind of experience, especially when you are new in love or with another person that you think compliments you more.

From recent studies, there were observations that the way the brain acts in a person who takes cocaine, is similar to the one someone who is in love feels.

The reason is because; the brain releases the hormone dopamine when we find pleasure in something.  And that is responsible for making us experience happiness.

It’s Love #9: Countinous admiration

You stare at them always. You can never get enough image of the person you love.

You stare at them when they are not focusing or even in their sleep. It stirs up the emotion of love, happiness, gratitude and more.

And not only that, but it also creates a strong emotional connection between the couple when they stare at each other.

The brain creates emotion which reflects on the bodily sensation, and then, triggers the feeling of admiration towards the person you love.

It’s Love #10: Overcome shortcomings

When you find true love with a soulmate, it seems that things fall into a place, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t tough times, but true love overcomes all.

You can quickly apologize even when you are not at fault, for peace to reign. Saying “I am sorry” does not imply that you are wrong while the other is right, but to cover all shortcomings and prevent quarell.

You stand together with him/her in every situation through thick and thin, supporting and encouraging him/her because true love holds no boundaries.

Most times, you notice that you are doing certain things which you couldn’t have ordinarily done for anyone, then, it is an indication that you’re in love.

It’s Love #11: Pure and jealous

When you love someone, jealousy unexpectedly and naturally comes to play. And in as much as you can aoiv it completely, it should not too much to make the other person insecure.

When you are jealous, it can mean you want to secure and guide what you have. But do not overstep the boundaries. Nobody likes someone who is possessive and obsessed.

It’s Love #12: Zero Secrets

With love, there is no hiding, you tend to show them to everyone both those that are interested and those that are not.

You do not shove someone you truly love under the bed, instead, you showcase them out for everyone to see, especially when the intentions are good.

The main reason why you show him\her to your friends, family and loved ones is sorely gain approval and support for your intention.

That is one of the things love can do.


Real love is truly a beautiful thing. You can’t explain it all; you can’t even express how you feel in words, no matter how much you try.

But the question is, how do you know it’s love, with the above tips, you can now provide the answer for yourself.

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