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12 Danger Signs: An Indication Your Date Has Less Than Noble Intentions

Dating should be fun. It’s a chance to get to meet other people and explore romantic possibilities with them.

We experience a weird kind of enjoyment when they are around. Engaging in an activity with someone else is far better than engaging in activities by you, after all.

Dating would allow you this luxury, and it could also promise many joys and many memories that you could savor for a long, long time, especially when you go out with someone you like.

But dating should also serve a more critical purpose. Remember, the reason why you’re going out with someone is to test the waters for a possible relationship.

The things your date will show you during the times you spend together can be telling of what kind of partner he would be. 

Let’s take a look at some danger signs you should be wary of, so that you may avoid the wrong partner as early as possible.

Danger Signs #1

Is he begging for some intimacy during your very first date? He may be after something else, and once he gets it, he would lose interest in being with you.

Some people view dating as a game of hunters and prey. They’d rather be the ones who would hunt, and once their target falls into their traps, they’d just dismiss them almost immediately.

Danger Signs #2

Did he come up with all sorts of excuses to make you pay for dinner?

Like how he forgot his wallet or how he has to send his siblings to school, being that he is the breadwinner of the family? Uh-oh.

He might be a freeloader who cares about your money than whom you are. And this, of course, will make find it interesting discussing your bank account instead of  emotions.  

Danger Signs #3

Does he talk about himself 95% of the time? He may be an egoistic person who might just take you for granted once you enter a relationship with him.

Therefore, not to allow that happen, it would be wise to avoid such a person as a partner.

Because you will not matter to him, he knows only of HIMSELF, his self-esteem and worth, and nothing else. 

Danger Signs # 4

In the same light, does he show little interest in what you have to say? He might someone who puts interests more in his stories than yours.

In this case, you have reason to believe that you’ve got a megalomaniac for a date. A relationship should be a two-way street.

If he spends time talking all the time, and if he expects you to do all the listening, then such might not prove healthy.

Danger Signs #5

How were his table manners? His behavior while eating at table would reflect on how he lives his life.

Then again, if he pays attention to all dining details including the food menu, where to dine, and ways to better enjoy meals, know that your date is, possibly, an obsessive-compulsory kind of person.

Not that being OC is terrible, but you have to ask yourself if such a person is the right fit for you.

If he ate before your order arrived, or if he displayed some rather obnoxious behavior while having dinner, you might have a sloppy Joe as a date.

And you should prepare your mind to do all the household chores once he moves into your place or vice versa. Again, you have to think if such a person is the right partner for you.

Danger Signs #6

Try to consider his other manners as well. Does he assist you in crossing the street? Does he open the door for you? Does he pull the chair to help you sit down?

If he does not exhibit these traits, it’s alright. Though a little chivalry would be nice, it’s quite a lot to expect in this day and age of empowerment.

But if he wantonly neglects the most basic of courtesies, then you may have to think twice whether or not you should engage in a relationship with him.

Danger Signs #7

Does he hold things for too long and not willing to let it go, no matter how much you’ve pleaded? Then it’s time to have a rethink.

We can hold some grudges once in a while, but not for too long to make the other person feel so bad at any slightest provocation.

That will yield to nothing good but negativity, if he wouldn’t let small things to go by, how about when something bigger or serious happens.

Indeed, you wouldn’t like to stand at such times because it will cause you nothing but pain. 

Danger Signs #8

When a man that you are dating talks only about him or every other attribute that he possesses, for you to see him as the “perfect” being, just know that he is a jerk.

And one noticeable signs about such men is that he will rarely even talk about you, or even care to know about who you are.

And even when he does, it’s something he thinks you would love to hear, something that will appeal to you to fall for him.

Everything he does is just to charm you, acting under the camouflage of “act of kindness”. 

Danger Signs #9

When he comes up with the excuse that he’s an introvert, probably that’s why he doesn’t have friends, then, you have to think twice.

An introvert wouldn’t tell you he’s one; you will know when you see one.

And one clear sign about such men is that you won’t see them with friends, they will claim they don’t have friends, and that sounds weird.

He is hiding under that notion to carry out his evil intentions, which is to enjoy you and leave you with nothing in the end.

And you, knowing his friends might lead to a failed mission for him.

Danger Signs #10

Does he piss you off with his too demanding nature? Maybe it’s time to look clearly into that relationship again.

In as much that a guy that cares for you would like to make sure you are safe everywhere you are, but when it’s now becoming too much, it’s turning to something else.

He calls to know where you are, what you are still doing, who you are with and probably why you have to be where you are. And when your mobile phone isn’t reachable, he gets fuming.

These are already signs for you to know that he is possessive, and, no one, even you would want that. 

Danger Signs #11

The tip here might sound funny, but many animal experts said it’s true. Animals have a special kind of sense that humans don’t have.

They can sense when something wrong or right is about to happen, and not only that, and they can also feel someone’s feelings or emotions.

Dogs and cats have these unique qualities and know who is reliable, trustworthy, and surprisingly, trained dogs can even do much more than that.

So when your dog or cat hate your date without any reason, or refuse to take instructions from him, or even bark or meows at him unnecessarily, then, there is a cause for concern.

The reason is that they have already sensed his evil intentions, which you weren’t able to see for yourself.

Danger Signs #12

Men that will hide you and won’t show you to anybody, or even take you out in an open place, definitely have some skeleton in his cupboard.

Be watchful of such men because probably, they are no longer single and may have his family around. So he will try to avoid being seen by anyone that will expose his evil deeds.

Even if he’s not married, it still clearly shows he’s not proud of you enough to show you off.

Bottom  Line

Dating is one of the stages of a relationship that we can’t avoid. And why it is necessary to do so, know that not all men are dateable.

Luckily enough, you would start seeing these signs early, so that you can easily back off without entangling yourself too much to find it hard to let go.

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