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9 Ways of Decoding a Guy’s Language

So, you are dating a hunk of a guy whom you find very attractive and very intellectually stimulating.

He is such a gentleman, and he’s treating you well. He’s got all the attributes you’re looking for in a lifelong partner, and you want him bad.

As it applies to everyother things that relates with nitial phase of the dating game, uncertainties abound.

You don’t know if he will reciprocate the level of interest you have for him. All you have are thoughts of him, as well as the memories of the date that was.

 What would you do for some peace of mind, eh? Luckily, the signs you need are all there, encrypted in some form or another, just waiting for you to decode it.

The certainty you’re looking for can be found in these signs, and all you have to do is to take some time to study them.

And muster enough courage to accept what may not be favorable for your desires. But who knows, right? He might be into you, after all.

So, what are these signs, and how, precisely, can you decode them?

  1. How and when he calls

He promised to call, but he didn’t. It may go several ways. He may be buying his time so that he’ll give you the impression that he’s not interested.

You’ll be so surprise when he does reveal his true feelings for you. Or he may simply not have an interest in you. Prepare yourself for any eventuality.

He called as soon as he got home. Rejoice, girl! You’ve got a connection! Play your cards right, and he’s in the bag!

He called, even before he could get home. Wow! You don’t have to play your cards right this time.

He’s very much into you, and he can’t wait to see you again. The ball is in your court now. So, the consideration would be the time period you would allow the courting process to take. 

  • Talks more of himself

All his talks at dinner is always about himself, even when you’re about to share your thoughts with him. Uh-oh!

Such act can be a red flag. You have a certain megalomaniac at hand. Stay away as early as possible.

Again, this may go either way. He may be a natural egomaniac who can think of nothing else but himself.

Or he may be trying to impress you with what he believes are his better qualities.

Or he finds you attractive, but he sees you as someone who would spare some time for his grand tales of personal accomplishments.

  • He sees you just as a friend

He said something similar to “you’re a good friend”. It’s a euphemism for sorry, and I just can’t see you and me together.

Take a hint and abandon all hopes. The guy is not just into you, but he is too polite not to say it straight to your face.

He said something similar to “you’re like a sister to me”. Same as above, albeit, in a friendlier more affectionate language.

He didn’t offer to take you home. Forget it! The date was tortuous for him, and he’s happy it’s over and done what he has with you.

  • Frequent bathroom breaks?

He kept taking those bathroom breaks. This could go in either of three ways.

Firstly, he may be a married man or is engaged in a serious romantic relationship; hence he’s been excusing himself to get in contact with his girlfriend or wife.

Secondly, he may be too bored with your company, and he preferred pacing around in between your conversations.

Or thirdly, he must be suffering from a severe case of diarrhea, this is funny, but it happens.

  • He has an off body language

One’s body language is truly the most straightforward way you can be able to know what kind of person the guy is. 

And that, you can find out when you are in conversion with him, the way he talks, speaks or carries out other bodily movements will tell it all.

His body language is a way you can know his feelings and attitude, which could be negative or positive.

So if exhibits such negative body language by avoiding eye contact, starring, cross arms, sweating which could be as a result of nervousness, etc., then, it would be wide to question his intentions.  

Even tapping of fingers on the table, touching his nose, covering his mouth while speaking, and other facial expressions and gestures can be something to get you worried.

With such a person, you will never get comfortable with him, and there is more to it than you may know.

  • He’s excellent at texting but rarely calls

When a guy texts you or chat you up, all in the name to know how and where you are, but hardly calls to ask you such questions.

Then it becomes a cause for concern. Your instincts may not entirely be wrong; especially when you call and no response or even a call back that indicates he missed your calls.

Well, that sometimes, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to talk with you, but he indeed has other “priorities” that requires his attention.

And probably texted you to make sure you wouldn’t be where he’s about to go with the “other girl”.

Or maybe, he has a wife, he wouldn’t want you to know, and wouldn’t want the wife to find out either.

And please rule out the notion that “he’s not good at calling”, how about picking the calls when he’s called ? The attitude simply shows that he’s cheating.

  • What his wallet says about him

Well, this may seem surprising to you, but that doesn’t make it untrue either, to say that you can know a guy by how he pays when you go on dinner or shopping.

Most established guys rarely carry cash around, they do almost everything with their credit card, or it might be that he just desires to show off as one.

Those who pay from their wallet – cash, probably look independent and are always satisfied with what they have.

Then those who rarely have any cash on them and no credit card as well are only looking for the big fat cow to milk dry.

  • Did you want to try something different?

Do not fall for that; trying something different in the guy’s context isn’t the same as yours. What he’s trying to imply is that he’s getting bored, and probably need some fun. 

He may try to introduce something enticing and different from what you guys have had, but seriously, he’s doing it for himself because probably that’s what he wants and enjoys.

And how you would know that is that he wouldn’t ask of your opinion on where to go, he chooses it himself.

Anyways, enjoy it together with him, and create the best memories together.

  • We should hang around sometime!

Well, not all of the guy’s language is negative, some mean well.

When a guy says he wants to hang around with you in the future, it means he likes you, and probably more like a friend.

Your company entertains him, and he feels happy being with you.


Guy’s language might come in various forms, by word of mouth, body language, or even through non-verbal communication; they all pass vital information for you to understand.

The signs you need are right in front of you. Sometimes, though, they may be too much to bear that we choose not to notice them.

Don’t allow yourself to feel depressed if he’s not interested in you. There are a lot of guys out there. Failing to win his heart only means that someone better is out there for you.

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