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How To Get Rid Of Acne, Blackheads, And Pimples

Acne is a common problem and persons suffering from it are often desperately looking for ways of getting rid of it. Teenagers commonly get this skin problem though the effects last long after the teenage years have passed. However, taking a little care will ensure that the problem is overcome to a great extent.

The nature and cause of acne

Acne stems from the effect of sebaceous glands present in the skin. It has got an inflammatory nature. The appearance of papules or pustules is characteristic of this situation. There may also be the formation of blackheads.

Secretion of certain hormones, their proportion, and balance act as a causative factor of acne. The use of harsh skincare products may also cause acne or pimples.

Dehydration of the skin aggravates the formation of acne. Yeast builds up in the body are also common in persons suffering from acne. This can be a probable reason for acne formation.

Going about getting rid of acne

The diagnosis of the cause of the acne is necessary before proceeding with remedial steps. After the determination of the particular cause of acne, you are suffering from you need to take the necessary preventive and control measures.

Hormone imbalance causing acne can be achieved by adopting steps aimed at restoring balance. Stress causing overproduction of hormones needs to be avoided. Relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing can come of use.

Exercises also come of help in this regard. The caffeine in coffee also stimulates hormone production. So, coffee intake should be restricted.

Certain foods need to be avoided or restricted to help out in keeping acne conditions in check. Dairy products, refined and cooked carbohydrates, and fats, and also meat should be avoided.

These foods increase acidity in the system which is conducive to acne formation. On the contrary intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and some nuts help the body to produce more alkali and help to treat acne.

Harsh skincare products should not be used. These dry out the skin to a great extent thereby causing the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil which blocks pores of the skin and creates more acne.

Exfoliation of the skin should be done periodically to get rid of dead cells blocking pores. This will keep acne at bay.

Eating sugary products and the consumption of yeast in food should be avoided. These are the foods that may enhance acne formation. Antibiotics may be administered to get rid of acne as per some medical prescriptions.

However, they should be supplemented with probiotics which encourage the formation of good bacteria in the intestines which aids digestion.

The process of digestion is important for preventing acne. If the digestive system is sluggish then wastes may have to be discharged via the skin which blocks pores and promotes acne formation.

Acne needs considerable care and attention to be brought under control. A step by step procedure needs to be adopted. It has been observed that western diets aggravate the malady. A diet comprising of raw foods- fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, and the like is ideal for controlling acne.

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