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How To Hire Entertainment For A Graduation Event

Hiring entertainment for a graduation event can be difficult. It is hard to know which way to go when bringing together families that don’t know each other well, mixing ages, and even trying to figure out how many people will be there and for how long.

In those ways, they are a lot like weddings, which is to say it is hard to hire entertainment for a graduation event.

However, it can be done, so take a look at some of these steps and ideas for hiring entertainment for graduation.

Figure Out What The Entertainment Will Be First

It may sound simple, but before you can hire entertainment for your graduation event, you must decide on what you will have.

You can go a number of ways with this decision: a band, magician, speaker, or even a soloist. So how do you decide?

First, consider the guest list and especially the graduate him or herself. They are the ones who should determine the entertainment.

If you are going to go with a band, they should also determine what type of music that band will play. So ask around and talk with your graduate about the event.

Once you have asked around, let the market determine your final decision. In other words, if people want to hear a xylophone player and you cant find one, then you will have to call an audible.

Shop Around

Secondly, you should shop around. Look in the yellow pages and talk to others who have hired entertainment for an event in your area.

You want to find good entertainment that is reliable and priced within your budget. That is not always easy, so start early and don’t rush the process.

Your local yellow pages, either print or online version, is a good place to start your search for the entertainment.

If an entertainer is in the yellow pages, he or she has taken the time and money to register. This is often a good sign of reliability or at least legitimacy.

Another way to locate acts is to ask around. Word of mouth is strong when it comes to hired entertainment locally.

Find out who else has had big parties, weddings, graduations, or even retreats that may have used live hired entertainment and ask for their recommendations.

Get a Contract Signed

If you are signing someone that you have hired to be the entertainment at your graduation event, then you should try to make sure that person is going to be there.

Get a contract signed. That will help to ensure that you are not stuck on graduation day trying to sing by yourself with your flute from 8th grade.

Overall, hiring graduation entertainment is not as difficult as you may think. Hiring the right entertainment is a matter of making sure you follow some steps.

You should make sure you know what type of entertainment you want, compare what is out there, find the act, and get a contract signed.

Do those things and you will be able to sit back and enjoy your graduation event with everyone else.

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