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How To Hire A Musician

To those on the outside, the person in charge of hiring has it easy because most job selections are filled rather easily. This, of course, is not true.

There is no easy way to perform the duties and functions of making hiring selections. In fact, making a hiring selection is difficult because there are so many intangibles that will ultimately decide whether or not the person being hired.

In a way, it is tough to even decide if a hiring decision is based on subjective issues or objective issues. Perhaps it is a combination of both.

Perhaps it is at times, pure guesswork with the hope that things will ultimately turn out for the best in the end.

When it comes to hiring a musician, regardless of the event the musician is being hired to perform at, there are needs to be certain acceptable standards that need to be adhered to in order to make the hiring decision the accurate decision.

The proper methods as to how to hire a musician should revolve around a few basic necessities that the musician must have in order to be an acceptable employee.

Yes, a musician is an employee and unless he or she is a huge name selling out Madison Square Garden on a regular basis, then he or she will not have the stroke to flagrantly violate acceptable levels of behavior and professionalism.


The worst thing at all to happen to a performance is to have the main performer show up late and delay the start of the show.

Granted, you have no idea if the musician will show up until the night of the show itself, but you can look into the track record of the performer by seeing if any unprofessional patterns existed at previous performances.

Additionally, you can create a contract that stipulates that said performer must arrive at a given time; if not, the payment will be reduced.

Mental Stability.

Okay, maybe that isn’t the best description, but it sounds a great deal more refined that the term flaky.

The world of artists and musicians is filled with flakes and head cases. Their nuttiness is usually at least part of what drives their musical talent.

These performers often have a reputation that precedes them, so it may be worth bringing this question up when checking on the performers’ references.

Musical Talent.

This, of course, goes without saying, but, of course, there are plenty of bad musicians out there including ones who sign multi-million dollar music industry contracts.

This is why the process of hiring a musician should always include an audition so as to gauge the actual skill of the performer.

While this seems to be an item that goes without saying, it is shocking how many musicians get hired to perform without the person in charge actually hearing them live first.

Going on a recommendation is not always good enough. One needs to actually hear how the musician sounds.

Trying to make a selection as to who to hire for a musician gig is never easy, but if you follow the aforementioned plans.

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