How To Get Kids Back Into Routine

How To Get Kids Back Into Routine
How To Get Kids Back Into Routine

Preparing a child to go back to school is a daunting task for all parents. It requires a lot of preparation and patience, especially after a long break.

Most children are reluctant to return to school and would like their holidays to continue forever. This is where the parents have to step in.

They need to prepare the child mentally and physically to get ready for the new school term.
If the child is prepared he will show more confidence and enjoy going back to school. Those who are not prepared just drag in and miss much during the first few weeks.

As a teacher, you should warmly welcome all your students for the new session. Crack a few light-hearted jokes and make them feel comfortable in their new class.

For the parents, the routine starts much before the school reopens. To help prepare the child, you must start putting them to bed early, so that they are able to get up early in the morning. You also need to revise their eating hours and playtime.

It is essential that children are not rushed into the new routine. They need time to readjust. A start two weeks ahead of the reopening date is usually the best. It is likely that children may resent it but it has to be followed as a discipline.

You must involve your child in buying new books, school uniform and stationery.

This not only excites the children but also gets them mentally prepared for the prospect of returning to school. It is important to monitor what your child eats during the day.

Children most likely will not give up junk food like colas and pizzas hence you should ensure a balance in their diet.

A nutritious breakfast at the start of the day should be made a must for all children. This will help keep your child both physically and mentally active. Your child will also be able to focus and concentrate better in the class.

For kindergarten children, the schools usually provide time to sleep. But these days this practice is being discontinued.

If the district where you live does not provide for a nap, you should not allow the child to sleep during the daytime.

Encourage your children to develop a reading habit during the holidays. It is a good habit and will help your child become more aware and confident. It will also help the child adapt to the changes better.

Chances are that the child will look forward to going back to school just to share what they have read during the holidays.

You also need to teach some basic things to your child. These include how to tie their shoe laces or to write their names well before the session begins. It will make the transition to the new environment much easier for them.

A chat with the teacher prior to the beginning of the session can help dismiss the fears of your child. Some parents become emotional when they come to drop their children.

This destabilizes the child and affects the child’s entire day. As a parent, you must show no emotions when you drop your child.