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How To Hire Entertainment For A Wedding

Nothing brings people together like a wedding. And not just the bride and groom. Families blend and friends bring well wishes and a good time is had by all. That is, as long as the event has been planned properly.

One crucial element that is key to maintaining the atmosphere of joy and good feeling is the type of entertainment that is hired to be present for the wedding celebration.

Unless this aspect of the day does not receive the same level of attention as the ceremony, the flowers and the arrangements for the food at the reception, the couple’s beautiful day may become the legends that families laugh about for years to come.

When evaluating entertainment for the wedding, it is important to remember that the occasion calls for professionals.

Great Uncle Rudy may do great birdcalls, but save him for the next family reunion. Depending on the size of your city or town, there may be talent agencies that can offer several performers that you can check into.

If your town does not have a talent agency, consult your wedding planner. Chances are he or she has come across some reliable and entertaining musicians who can ensure your guests have a pleasant experience. 

Another possible source is to ask your florist about any good entertainment. Florists often have the responsibility of preparing and placing the floral arrangements in both the area where the ceremony takes place and in the reception hall.

Chances are they have had the chance to hear the entertainment rehearse, even if they did not stay for any of the festivities.

Once you have secured some ideas for entertainment, remember that it is up to you to personally meet with each performer.

Do not hire anyone without a formal audition and questions about what types of music the act can provide.

Be clear about your expectations and give them ample opportunity to demonstrate they can do what you need them to do.

Take into consideration the wishes of the bridge and groom and the type of wedding they are holding.

If they are having a ceremony with a country and western theme, do not hire a string quartet for the reception.

It may be all right to hire a band that is versatile enough to handle both a waltz and something with more pizazz if the wedding is more traditional, depending on the likes and dislikes of the happy couple.

Again, the idea is to make sure the day is one that people remember fondly, not one that goes down in infamy.

Once the big day has arrived, make sure you have taken care of any advance arrangements the entertainment needed you to make.

Don’t let anyone decide to “shift things just a bit” in the reception hall if it means moving around musical instruments or sound equipment.

The musicians are professionals and deserve the respect that comes with doing a job well. Evaluating and hiring entertainment for a wedding does not need to be a nerve-wracking task. 

Actually, it can be a lot of fun and will bring you a lot of personal satisfaction knowing you helped make the day memorable for two special people.

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