How To Improve Your Communication In A Relationship

How To Improve Your Communication In A Relationship
How To Improve Your Communication In A Relationship
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Sometimes, relationships and communication between people can be overwhelming and so unpredictable that we find it difficult to know how to react.

We may at times feel panicky when looking at someone directly in the eye and may tend to put on a false smile or pretend we know what it is they are talking about.

There are times when we want to make a good impression on someone and would like to demonstrate we care for them, but we are simply not capable of doing so. This can be solved at times by trying to understand the dynamic we should be aiming at.

If we wish to improve communication with others we have to keep in mind that this is not a passive action but an active sacrifice. We have to approach the way we communicate with foresight.

We need to feel confident when we are communicating and not be lost for words in the midst of a conversation.

In most cases, we are probably so preoccupied on how things will go and are not clearly thinking when we communicate with others.

It is important to know that when you are communicating with someone you are actually sacrificing a moment of your own being and have to remain tuned.

Think of an exchange as a technical skill, this may keep you more aware during your communication with others. Keep concentrated for those few minutes and give yourself wholly to that person.

Keep your eye contact fixed, examine their body language, focus on their tone and words, in short, give them your full attention, and simply answer with nods or gestures that confirm you are listening.

If you do this, not only will you be gratifying the person with your full attention, you will also avoid you being stressed on what you should be saying or doing.

More often than not, people never listen, as they want to get their own issues out. So, it is a rare ability to be able to provide a person with your full attention, as this boosts their ego and proves that you are interested in them.

It is as simple as that, there is no effort on your side to have to make conversation that is suitable, most of the time you will find people are more willing to talk than to listen.

Communication is not a skill we have naturally; it is a technique we can acquire. We can actually communicate effectively even in those moments we really do not wish to.

Once we understand that communicating is an exchange we can choose to give or not, then we are in control of the situation, as there is an obvious motivation that drives us to communicate properly when we wish to.