How To Improve The Black Women’s Image On Medias

How To Improve The Black Women's Image On Medias
How To Improve The Black Women's Image On Medias

Black women have many cards to play in the entertaining and fashion industry, but they do not seem to recognize their own value.

They must simply stop supporting those professionals in the media industries that do not support them too.

This means that many black women purchase fashion products or fashion magazines that do not even use black models.

The same can be said for television shows and movies that do not use black women in their major roles or supporting ones.

The only way black women can gain some control and be integrated into the media is by not financially support those who do not accept to include black women in their media campaigns.

Marketing remains just that, trying to get as much audience as possible, and for the media this is a prime concern.

Should they start noticing that their white women centered media products are not selling to the black women, trends will change for sure, but it is up to black women to fight to obtain media acceptance.

The only language media understands is money, and if the black women have the power to take that away, then the media will start listening.

Black women can choose where to spend their money, and if they seriously begin to spend it elsewhere and boycott the all-white trend this would make a significant impact on the media.

Some good strategies could be taking their money and selecting where they could spend it instead, choosing those industries that do include black models in their advertisements or shows, preferring these.

It is also important to voice opinions directly, telling the producers and directors of various media types that they are not going to buy or watch certain products if black models or actresses are not included.

They have to let these professionals know that they will not buy their products as they do not include female minorities in them.

Although putting these plans into action would be a potent strategic approach, probably the best approach would be using the money to create more opportunities for black women.

This could entail providing the funds for productive black women in order for them to be able to personally produce or write their own media, including magazines, films, creating their own fashion trends and houses.

Another alternative would be to financially supporting the black women who are already doing these things. This would make such a difference in the image of black women in the media and society.

This could only serve to help black women personally with relationships and their careers. If more and more positive images of black women are being put out into the universe then the positive energy will come back to black women tenfold.

This is obviously a long term plan but there has to be a starting point so that plans can be implemented to later success.