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How To Initiate Romance In Your Relation

Few years in marriage and the initial magic of the honeymoon days are gone once and for all. It is simply because, as the life partners become known to each other, they start taking each other for granted.

They are now well aware of each others essential personality traits and get so much accustomed to each other, that the romantic thoughts and feelings are something that rarely cross their minds. This is a situation that is bad for the mental health of both the spouses.

The psychologists choose to explain the matter in this way that till the honeymoon stage, both the spouses are at their best behavior and would do everything to make the other happy and the relationship growing.

The honeymoon phase lasts for different time span for different couple, but the common thing that happens in most of the couples life is as their initial excitement in being together wears off they no longer make any romantic efforts to make the relationship better and thus gradually the spark off romance disappears from their lives.

As the couples get more tied up with the household responsibilities regarding child rearing and other matters, they seldom find time to talk on matters other than finance or problems related to kids and thus romance takes a backseat in their lives.

The natural corollary is the infidelity and then the breakup of the marriage. So it is always important to initiate romance in your relationship, so that both of you appear attractive and interesting to each other the way you used to be in your honeymoon days.

The renowned marriage counselors advices in this regard are to take out a time slot everyday that will be reserved only for the couples themselves and both of them should make a conscious effort to initiate romance into their relationship.

Initiating romance means becoming more communicative in expressing your warm affection to each other This communication will lead to a deeper and stronger bonding between the two of you.

Romantic communication doesn’t have to be pompous and you do not have to break the bank to be communicative to your soul mate.

It is more a matter of what you intend to do for the growth of your relationship and how much time and care you spare for your other half. In other words, it is more a spontaneous way to make the other person believe you care than doing elaborate things to show off that you love your spouse.

As said earlier, you should not appear to be too showy in expressing your love; it looks artificial. Here are some spontaneous ways for you to imbibe in your married life so that romance never disappears from your marital relation.

Develop a habit of appreciating your partner every day, even if it appears to be the hardest task of your life.

Try to convey your feelings through touch, just holding the hands for a moment, a peck on the cheek, an affectionate brush at the back all of them will express many things more that you could have done with the whole bank of your vocabulary.

Then communicate your feelings properly and be matured enough to know that your partner is not a thought reader.

So, let your feelings get known to your spouse both in the occasions when you are happy, as well as on the occasions when you were hurt by his behavior.

Do not continue the conflicts, rather resolve them. Learn to say sorry sometimes even if you feel you should not; it will work for the longevity of the relationship.

Lastly, and most importantly be matures enough to accept the shortcomings of your partner, who is a mere human being.

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