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How To Manipulate Brainwaves To Induce Relaxation

Amidst the hustle and bustle of making things work and fulfilling our daily responsibilities, it is pertinent that we find adequate time to relax.

Relaxation helps us to sort of reboot our systems so as to be better equipped to face life’s challenges. Adequate relaxation helps us to live in wonderful health. So it is really very important that we find a way to relax every now and then.

Apart from taking a nap or just chilling out which some of us cannot afford very often, there are other ways to relax. Now gaining popularity amongst them is manipulating brainwaves to induce relaxation.

Whether you know it or not every moment that you are alive your brain is pulsing with electrical impulses. This electrical current that comes from the brain is usually measured  with electroencephalogram , popularly called EEG.

EEG measures the frequency of this current in a standard of measurement known as Hertz (usually abbreviated as Hz).

It is these frequencies that are associated with your state of mind at any moment. How do I mean? How relaxed, sleepy, or afraid you are can be observed in the frequencies of your brainwaves.

So it is in the manipulation of these brainwave frequencies that the secret to inducing relaxation lies.

According to documented research, there are 4 main types of brainwaves and this categorization is based on their speeds or frequencies. Beta Waves, Alpha Waves, Theta waves, and Delta waves.

The frequencies of Beta WAVES range from 14Hz to 20Hz. These waves are associated with normal waking consciousness. The frequencies of Alpha WAVES range from 8Hz to 13Hz.

This type of brainwave is likened to a light meditation. Its what is the order of the day when you are daydreaming and the strength of this wave becomes better with your eyes closed.

The frequencies of Theta WAVES range from 4Hz to 7Hz. This category of brain waves is known to occur during heightened states of creativity and deep meditation.

The frequencies of Delta WAVES range 5Hz to 3Hz. They are predominant when you are deeply asleep or unconscious.

For the sake of inducing relaxation its the Alpha, Theta and Delta waves that you’ll need to work on. Though this will depend on the kind of relaxation you want to achieve.

Increasing your Theta activity, you can lose attachment to your body and enter a meditative state, that will give you a great sense of relaxation.

Since the Delta waves are associated with sleep, if what you are after is relaxation through sleep, they are the ones you have to work on.

Meditation is the secret weapon that you can use to influence your brainwaves and induce relaxation. But gone are the days when stuff like this can only be achieved by monks, manipulating your brainwaves is now as easy as listening to a CD.

There are certain specially prepared CDs that you can listen to, to help you increase or reduce your brainwave frequencies and help you achieve whatever form of relaxation you desire.

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