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How Do Brainwaves Change During Meditation?

Before now, the term meditation was confined to monks and spiritual figures. Meditation then was practiced by only a disciplined few.

These ones had to deny themselves of worldly pleasures to enter into the meditative state and the deeper level they desired. But now thanks to the advance in science, meditation has been demystified.

The Electroencephalographs invention is one of the major inventions responsible for the demystification of the art of meditation. With it, researchers discovered certain things about brain waves that changed how the world viewed mediation.

Brainwaves can be simply described as electrical movements in the brain whose frequencies are measured with the use of the EEG electroencephalograph.

They are categorized into four based on the range in which their frequencies fall. From the highest to the lowest, we have Beta Waves, Alpha Waves, Theta Waves, and Delta Waves

The EEGs invention allowed researchers in biofeedback to realize that  Theta brainwaves are chiefly responsible for meditation.

Though a light form of mediation may be found in the Alpha wave state, the Theta waves basically oscillating at an average of 4.5 cycles per second hertz are predominant when it comes to deep meditation.

During meditation our brainwaves slow down,. In fact one can actually describe Meditation as a process of slowing down our brain waves to a slower state . It has been discovered that Beta waves are predominant in our waking and thinking state.

During a Beta state , we can think, listen and even find solutions to problems that are analytical in nature. This has been observed to be our normal state of mind at work, in school and even shopping.

During the Alpha state when Alpha waves are predominant in our brains, we are fully aware of our surroundings but compared to Beta, our state of mind is more relaxed. A light form of mediation is often done in this state.

During Theta state the brain waves are slower than the Beta and Alpha and deep mediation can be carried out in this sate.

The Delta state is the slowest. When Delta waves are predominant we are either in a deep sleep or unconscious

From the descriptions of the different brainwave states, it is obvious that meditation is the slowing down of our waking Beta waves to Alpha and Theta waves.

It, therefore, goes without mention that finding a way to control our brainwaves helps us to control our states of mind. So if we can learn to manipulate our brainwaves well definitely enjoy much better health and well being.

Meditation has been discovered do so much for our health. This include helping us increase our memory, dealing with our weight problems, dealing with our fears and much more.

Maximizing the brainwave technologies that are now at our disposal can help us bring our inner strengths to the outside. The internet offers easy access to a lot of these technologies.

Now we know that not only can we use meditation for increased spiritual awareness, but we can also use it to help us focus and also center our energies in order to reduce stress and generally increase our well being.

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