How To Plan A Beach Vacation During The Summer Holiday?


Vacation is a must for all families because this is the time to get together and have fun, catch up on the emotional blues, let loose and relax.

That is the idea of vacationing and the most ideal place to let yourself be stress-free and relaxed is a beach, where you can just laze about in the sun, have a most relaxing bath with family and friends, eat sumptuous food, enjoy the wonderful games and feel thoroughly revived and happy.

In the night the lovely moonlight strolls can again bring back rejuvenating memories that perhaps have been long lost in the days gone by.

To plan for a beach vacation, one must keep in mind where. If it is in the tropics then the inter months are the best when the sun is not very strong and the chill is not felt in the air.

Then you can take a deck chair and roll over in the sun and enjoy the warm sand and totally relax.

If you are planning to go to the continents then the early summer months are the best when the snow has melted and the sun is soft and bright enough to rejuvenate you.

Remember a beach vacation is meant to be enjoyed for rejuvenation and a beach is enjoyed most in the sun. So the sun has to be pleasant enough to be enjoyed.

After you have decided on the place and the venue then go through the hotels or condos where you want to put up, depending on your purse and heart.

Book in advance because during peak season the condos or hotels nearest to the beach are always booked by the more organized and early birds.

Then look for the airline and the train tickets that will take you directly to the beach. Collecting a few brochures may prove to be very useful, to guide you directly to the location.

If you are driving then have a good map ready for the place and area you are visiting.

Next check on the typical food availability. The best idea of a vacation is when you enjoy the local food that is typical and good.

Identify if any can prove to be allergic to your health. Then the next stage would be to identify a place where you get all kinds of food.

After you have done all these, then decide on the amount of clothes and the type of clothes you want to wear and carry.

Remember that near the beach either nothing is available or everything comes for a premium. So have a checklist of supplies ready before vacationing.

For this purpose we are giving you a checklist ideal for a beach vacation:

Regular Supplies
Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Dishwasher detergent
Salt & Pepper
Laundry Detergent
Bath Soap/Shampoo
Bathroom Tissue
Kitchen Garbage Bags
Coffee Filter
Coffee, Sugar, Coffee-Mate
Zip Lock bags-several sizes


Aqua socks or dive booties
Air mattress
Waist flotation device
Beach Towels
Blow-up Water Toys
Beach Umbrella


Shoes, sandals, flip-flop, tennis, walking
Hat-baseball, straw
Cover-ups (swimsuit)
Underwear, socks, etc
Light jacket/wind-breaker
Ladies-jacket or sweater for restaurants


Small carry-on or pack
Stuffed animal
Favorite blanket
Games & favorite toys
Rainy day toys
Food & juice
Coloring books, crayons, etc.
Picture books
Favorite or new movies
Zip Lock bags


Camera (with fresh batteries) & film
Laptop, Video Games, CD’s & Player
Books & Magazines
Writing materials, stamps & journal
Friends & Relatives addresses for postcards
Friends & Relatives E-mail addresses
Flashlight & batteries
Recipes for vacation cooking
Destination maps, books, literature
Schoolwork assignments and books-if any
Paper and pen or pencil
Games, cards, etc

Bottom Line

Now you are all set for a vacation to the beach. Enjoy the sun and the sand and make the most of this relaxing time.
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