How To Plant Your Bare-Root Plants And Keep Them Safely


November is a great month to choose for planting your new plants, for the weather is neither too cold nor hot unless you live at a high altitude or in a region where the climate is harsher.

This is when the roots are less at risk and can be planted safely for them to establish themselves in the earth.

When planting your bare root shrubs or trees choose your garden tools appropriately.

You will need a spade, fork, a stake for tying the tree up against a rubber tree tie, and rotted manure in a wheelbarrow.

You will also need gloves, a metal stake sleeve in order to hammer in the stake and water. Make sure you wear adequate protective clothing before you start as apart from getting wet you should also protect yourself from scratches and burns.

There is nothing complicated about planting a bare root plant, shrub, or tree, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps in order to avoid damaging the plant and the roots.

The first step to take is to buy your bare root plant and choose from the many available at eh nursery during the early spring months.

You can choose from the array of different plants ranging from roses to fruit trees. You can also choose amongst the vegetable variety, keeping in mind that the roots dormant stage can last up to two months.

Once you have purchased your bare root plants, soak them in a bucket of water, where the roots will remain soaking in the water for several hours.

Make sure you do this at once when you are back home from the nursery. However, before you do this trim off any bits of damaged root or broken pieces for better absorption.

The next stage will be to dig up the soil and prepare a hole to harbor the plant’s roots. This should be neither too big nor too deep, considering that the roots must be buried in the soil or they will be exposed to the climates damaging elements.

If you want your plants to grow successfully open the roots and spread them out evenly with your hands.

You should consider that the size of the hole should be one and a half times the width of the plant’s roots.

When planting the bare roots of trees the hole should be in form of a cone and the roots should be able to spread out easily within the soil.

Spread the bare roots out in order for them to fit within the cone of soil and they must rest just below the earth’s surface.

When planting your tree keep it up straight and avoid any slanting position and fill in the hole with the soil, carefully surrounding the roots.

With the help of your hands keep the roots and tree in place and pat down the soil gently. The entire root layer should be just slightly lower than the ground level.

This is important for the roots will receive a better flow of water if they are slightly lower than the surface.

Once you have finished planting your tree or shrub you must water it as it will need nourishment immediately.

If you follow these straightforward steps, you can grow healthy and beautiful plants for your garden.