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How To Select Fall Wedding Attire

The great thing about a fall wedding is that you can take advantage of the rich harvest of colors that can only be found during those autumn months.

Here are some ideas on how to translate those warm colors into proper attire for your wedding.

Perhaps the easiest place to pick up fall colors will be with the choice of clothing for the men in the wedding party.

If you are going for a formal wedding, the great news is that tuxedos come in a variety of colors that would pick up the autumn look.

As an example, a tuxedo in rust or brown would work well for the members of the groom’s party.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain a more traditional look, but accent with fall colors, you can go with a sleek black tuxedo, and pick up the autumn colors with the bow tie and the boutonniere.

If you need a little more splash of fall color, pick that up with a coordinating cummerbund as well.

A word of advice on the shoes for the men in the wedding party: black may not be the way to go.

Black is fine with a black tuxedo, but if you do choose to go with a fall color for the tux, try to find shoes that will match the color of the tux. The look will be more unified and will actually draw less attention to the feet.

When you think in terms of colors for the bridesmaids, keep going with the rich fall colors, such as a deep orange, a muted red, and the darker shades of yellow. All these will lend themselves well to the autumn theme.

In putting together bouquets for the bridesmaids and for the bride, don’t forget to work in multicolored leaves along with flowers that are in bloom in your area during the fall.

These will compliment the men’s boutonnieres nicely, and also will add visual interest to the solid color of the dresses. 

When it comes to the bride and groom, you may choose to have the groom wearing the same attire as the rest of his party.

The bride, of course, is the central focus of the day, and should wear white, or at least a color that is not worn by the rest of her party. Her bouquet should be larger, and the dress more full as well. 

Should you be going for a more casual approach to the wedding, there are all sorts of choices for attire.

A country feel for the wedding would allow the men to be dressed in flannel shirts and jeans, while the members of the bride’s parties could wear flattering but tea length dresses that pick up various autumn colors.

Even in this more casual atmosphere, however, the bride should be the center of attention, so make sure she wears something that is floor length and is more elaborate than the other women in the wedding party.

When it comes to selecting fall wedding attire, use your imagination and look at what is available in your area. You will be sure to come up with the look you want.

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