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Helping Children With Their Homework

Schools give homework to help children practice what they have learned in the class. It also gives the parents an idea of what is being taught in the class.

In the case of high school grades and college students the homework serves a different purpose.

The assignments and projects help the students to explore libraries and reference books to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. Learning can be fun if parents help their children with homework.

However, helping the child with homework does not entail doing the homework for the child or just prodding him to finish it off hurriedly.

Compulsion generates revulsion whereas the aim of homework is to attract the student to learning.

Research reveals that homework as such does not assure a child better grades but it helps him to grasp the basic concepts better. It teaches a child to work independently and encourages self-discipline and responsibility.

Homework need not be looked upon as a chore. It can be made a positive experience for your child especially if you are involved in it.

Sometimes even teachers go out of their way to help children complete their assignments and projects.

If children feel that their parents think homework is important they will take time and effort to complete it on time. You need to create a favorable environment if you want your child to do the homework on time.

For this, you need to fix a corner or make a room available with the required stationery like a pen, paper, maps, charts, globe, dictionary, etc.

A table lamp can be fixed to give the study area a pleasant look. Ideally, the homework zone should be noise-free, where the child can concentrate.

Avoid using the living room as the homework area because the noise can be a great distraction. You will also feel cramped when the child is studying there.

Select a suitable place that is devoid of distractions and your child will be able to focus and concentrate on the work.

Another helpful idea is to have a file that can be used for recording different assignments and test reports.

These files can be checked at the time of final tests and will help prevent last-minute mix-ups and confusion.

Homework teaches children to be organized, to solve their problems by themselves, and to develop a personal style of study.

For teaching them to be organized you may regulate their homework hours, set up weekly goals, and celebrate when they finish a major project on time.

You can use aids to make the entire experience more enjoyable. The aids can be visual or auditory.

They work best when you can point out which method of learning works best for your child. Looking at the child’s style, you can evolve new methods of your own also.

You must carefully monitor the way your child is responding to homework. Don’t push him when he shows signs of frustration or anger.  Instead, find out ways that can make the experience more enjoyable.

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