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How To Select Fall Wedding Colors

Planning a wedding involves a great deal of legwork both structural and artistic. Part of this legwork involves creating a visual look that is within the context of the season that the wedding is taking place.

Never underestimate the proper selection of color schemes when it comes to planning a wedding.

That is, the look of the wedding must successfully utilize specific colors that will properly highlight the seasonal theme of the wedding.

If the wedding colors are off, then the entire look of the wedding will be affected. This is not a minor problem that can be easily overlooked, because if the color scheme is totally askew, then for all intents and purposes, the wedding will be a visual nightmare.

When one considers how elaborate a wedding usually is, then it is fairly obvious that a correction cannot be made on the spot as to correct a poor color scheme.

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That would require a complete overhaul of the entire wedding. That just is not something that can be undertaken right on the spot.

There simply must be an accurate and proper color scheme designed to coincide with the season.

The winter, for example, draws its benefits from specific colors in the form of using white, silver and light blue shades.

The reason for this is that these colors are tied into the theme of snow or, more specifically, the way in which the sun reflects off the ground.

Just be wary of snow blindness! The fall wedding season requires similar color themes to be properly undertaken.

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The colors for the fall need to have a bright, brazen quality and charm that links closely to the falling leaves and the transitory period between summer and winter.

The epicenter of this look will be the color of leaves when they fall from the tree, which is a beige and orange type hue.

Also, a bright reddish look that certain leaves will exhibit can also be utilized. These natural colors will provide an excellent backdrop look to any fall wedding.

While some may consider red, orange and brown as horrible colors for a wedding, they are horrible colors if you are borrowing the colors from a Crayola crayon box.

However, we are not selecting fire engine red crayons or blaze orange crayons to create the color scheme of the wedding.

The key here is not the traditional form of the previously mentioned colors, but rather the shades of these colors that leaves and trees will take during the fall season of the year.

As one can assume, if the colors that are selected completely clash with the season of the fall, the visual look of the wedding will appear severely awkward.

Needless to say, who would want the adjective awkward placed in front of their wedding? Probably not all that many people would approve of such a thing.

So, be sure to make the right selection or suffer the consequences!

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