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How To Start Your Own Advertising Company

If your decide to open your own advertising company you will be offering a special service to your clients, you will be the one who brings clients and business to their company, therefore the focal point of their finances.

You can, with your own advertising agency make or break business for a client, you can launch a company and they will be making money through your ideas and strategies. So, in other words you are the key to their success, so make sure you have that clear in mind before you start.

Before you do launch in this advertising venture prepare adequately. You may consider taking graphic and copy writing courses, where you will learn how to implement the various techniques and get feedback from your instructors.

You can gauge your capacities by proposing your graphic and literate skills to a non-profit organization and see the feedback your work receives.

Prepare a detailed portfolio in order to provide experience that will serve you when you are prospecting for new clients. Once you have attended special courses and accumulated experience you can submit a cover letter and resume, including a few samples from your portfolio to an advertising agency.

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This is a first step towards gaining experience, for while working in an advertising agency you will be acquiring more experience, which you can later use for your own business.

Once you have collected enough experience you can decide whether to work as a freelancer or actually open up your own office. Whichever you decide you must obtain a license and in all cases think about your location with respect to your possible clients.

Whether or not you decide to open an office is of no importance but your location is, in the event you need to contact your clients directly.

Try and work on a good marketing and business plan before you start off by using your training skills in both copy-writing and graphic design.

All projects and plans you manage to define before you advertise your services will help you speed up business with your clients and show them what you are able to do.

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Potential clients are not really interested in whom your clients are, so if you do not have many to start with, this is not a concern. What they are interested in is how you can help them advertise their business.

In order to impress potential clients show the work you did for others or projects you prepared for your personal portfolio. Show your best work, even if the work you have to show is something you created for your family and friends.

Offering free designs to increase your samples is also a good idea; you will be helping others and creating a portfolio for future clients.

Keep in mind that the more exercise you get in the field the more acquainted and assured you will feel when contacted by possible clients. So any work you can offer or propose for a lower price initially will help for the future.

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