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How To Use ECourses To Increase Website Traffic

An eCourse is an automated email that is sent out over a specified period of time.

eCourses usually consist of a series of lessons, and they can cover any topic you’d like. If your site is about babies you could create an eCourse called “How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night in 7 Days” and set it so subscribers receive one email per day for 7 days.

Once the users remain on your mailing list, even after the initial series is complete, so you can continue sending future messages unless they manually unsubscribe.

Every message you send is an opportunity to get the attention of your subscribers back to your website (or to a merchant’s site via an affiliate link).

Since they’ve already signed up for your eCourse or ezine, you know they’re already interested in exactly the kind of information or services you have to offer.

The real beauty of an eCourse is that once you set up the series of emails you want to send out, it’s completely automated.

It can continue to bring you targeted traffic for years to come without ever doing another thing. Of course you can always go back and make changes any time you like.

How do I setup my own eCourse?

It’s easy to do. All you need is a tool called an Autoresponder.

There are lots of autoresponders to choose from from the internet, but the two biggest are Aweber and Get Response.

You definitely want to choose an autoresponder that is well-known and trusted. A big part of your business will rely on your autoresponder providing reliable service.

After you sign up with an autoresponder, you’ll be given some code to paste into your site. The code will place a box on your web pages to collect names and emails to add to your mailing list.

Note (Important) – you want an autoresponder that uses a double opt-in subscription method to protect you from SPAM complaints by requiring subscribers to confirm they want to subscribe before they can begin receiving your eCourse.

The next step is to write your series of emails and choose the frequency at which they’ll be sent.

From there on in, your eCourse can be left on autopilot while you work on other things. Once set up, an e-course can continue to bring in fresh traffic indefinitely.

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