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How To Write Ads That Pull-in the Money

Before writing the sales copy for your next product, you will have to write a series of ads for the promotion of that product.

For example, you might want to promote a new information guide for people who just purchased the Windows Vista software. Here are the main points to consider when you sit down to write ads for your new campaign:

Product Selling Points

1. Write a list of 5 product benefits.

2. Explain in your own words the advantage of owning the product.

3. Write down why your product is different or better than your competition’s product.

4. Write down what need your product will satisfy for the user.

5. List your call to action. Describe exactly why the customer should buy your product now.

Putting It All Together

The reason for listing the answers to numbers 1-4 above is to establish a Unique Selling Position (USP).

The USP is the basis for the body of your ad and will determine if you capture the interest of your prospects. Think of your product’s USP as what makes it different and better than your competitor’s product.

Point number 5 is your call to action. This is the line of your ad that will get people to take action and investigate further. This line should clearly tell your prospect what you want them to do next. You will get a higher response rate on your ads if you do this in every ad.

Use This Formula To Write A Good Selling Ad

1. Grab their attention with a hot headline!

2. Keep their interest with a line or two about your USP.

If you are using a short ad format, like Google Adwords, you are limited to a headline and 2 lines of ad description.

In a standard ezine ad, you will have more room to make a longer ad. A good rule of thumb is to keep the advertisement simple in nature no matter how much room is allowed for your ad.

The eyes of the people on the Internet scan an ad in mere seconds. You never want to clutter the space in your ad with unnecessary words.

3. Build the prospect’s desire to know more about your product. Use one line to tell them why they should own the product. Use one of campaign points 2, 3, or 4 mentioned in the Product Selling Points.

4. On the last line of the ad use a strong call to action.

This formula is taught in business colleges as the AIDA method of ad writing.

To sum up the parts of the AIDA formula, you first get the prospect’s attention with a good headline, then develop their Interest in the product, next you give them a reason to Desire the product and then ask them to take a specific action that leads to the sale.

With practice, you can write advertisements that lead to a very high response rate. This will help stretch your advertising budget and increase your ROI.

With this simple system in your hands, you can now create ads that will bring you the most business for the least cost.

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